• I just figured out Zoni will sleep in my lap at the computer, so I can actually get online now. :rolleyes:

    Here are a few pictures of her and Nemo from today and a short video of them playing.

    You can't see it but the video ends with Nemo leaping over the baby gate. I thought they were done but Nemo leaped back over it again to continue the chase. Wish I hadn't of missed that.

    Obviously, still working on biting the furniture. I'll be glad when she is too big to fit underneath the recliner. It's such a pain to get her out. :rolleyes:

    This is Nemo after they were running around the room. His back paw is a tad pink from running on the carpet so much.

  • Very cute… and yes.. I would agree, Nemo most likely has some "rug burn"....gggg
    Love the under the chair picture.. and I can certainly appreciate that... been there!!!!!

  • Its wonderful to see 2 b's playing.

  • 🙂 So cute! 🙂

    I love the last pic!

  • Wow! how cool! That video is great 😃

  • @AndrewnShango:

    Wow! how cool! That video is great 😃

    I had to shoot like 20 of them to get one that was halfway decent. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: B500's are hard to videotape, you need an aerial shot!

  • That is so cute. We have been trying to get a good B500 video for months. We can't seem to get her bouncing off the backs of the couches (without touching the seat pad) which is the coolest part. I want to try to stand on the table next time and try get the aerial shot 🙂 She also leaps the three feet directly over it from standing.

    Zoni is a real cutie! BTW what is her birthdate?

    I'm glad we aren't the only ones who let our B on the leather couch, we always get heck from people about it. We will just have an excuse to get something new faster than a person with a no-dog-on-leather policy 🙂

  • Her birthdate is Dec 16th. About the leather couch, when I was picking out a couch the designer at the store actually recommended to get a leather one for dogs since they are relatively easier to clean and a little more durable than fabric. You should see all of the destruction in the fabric on the chair and ottomans! The couch is unscathed after 8 years.

  • They look adorable together!:D:D:D

  • Here are few new pictures. I realized I didn't get any from the front. She is growing so fast!

    Here are some sleepy puppy pictures from over the last month. They don't cuddle together too often…only when Nemo is in the mood.

  • IM sooooo jealous… im dying for a little bw pup

  • great photos of your dogs. They are so sweet.

  • they look so good togrther. To cute, watching the b500. if you can't catch the long way around take the short cut.

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