Hello, from Western Australia

My name is John and I am very happy to have found this forum. I have lived the last 7 and a bit years with my basinji Sandy and jack russel Toby. I have never met another basinji or spoken to anyone about them. All I know about basinji's is what my little girl taught me. She came from a pet shop with no information. I lost my girl a week ago and it feels like someone has torn my heart out. It is strange that you sometimes do not appreciate what you have untill it is gone. I did not know what to do but since being on this site I think the only thing to do is bring another basenji into my life. The more I read the more I miss her crazy antics and happiness she brought into my life.

I live on a farm 3 hours north of Perth in Western Australia with my sister and her husband. I love the country life and if I am lucky enough to have another basenji adopt me then I am sure they will love it as well. The happy stories I read have helped me greatly and now I can only wait patiently for my new partner to be born.

So hello to everyone…..........:D

Welcome and sorry for your loss.
It is wonderful how these quirky dogs fill out lives.

I am so sorry for the loss of your girl. My heart goes out to you. I'm sure another B will come into your life and enjoy the country as well. Welcome to the forum.

So sorry for your loss.. I hope you'll find a new basenji to enjoy. 🙂
And welcome!

Hi ForexJohnny,

Welcome to this fabulous forum 🙂

Its nice to see another Aussie here… I am also very new to here, and I have found it absolutely wonderful for all the info you could possibly want. So many people with so many years of info on this fascinating, independant, annoying, difficult, but, such an addictive breed 😃

There is a breeder in WA, not sure if you have made contact with her yet, also not sure of her breeding programme this year either. I can give you her details if you need them ;).

Again, welcome, fellow Aussie, and Im sorry for your loss of Sandy. They sure do manage to weedle their way into our lives, dont they :).


Welcome to the group. Sorry for your loss.


Thanks everyone for the welcome,

It gives me so much heart to see and hear other basenji owners talk about their dogs and how their live revolve around them. Great also to know that this is a world wide forum and yes us Aussie's can stand tall here as well.

I have talked to Davina at Kannibar here in WA and told her my story. She seems very nice and I have noticed many others from around the world know her as well. She has put me on her puppy waiting list so like many others I will just have to wait.

It is so good to be able to talk to others that love basenji's and know them so well. I was thinking that I was the only crazy one to love them untill I found this site. They must be some sort of magical dog to affect us like this. Everyone else I know thinks I am crazy to want another ….......but what do they know 🙂 I cannot live without my basinji minder.


Davina is s sweetie…

I have only been involved in the breed for 18 months, (I have loved and researched this breed for many years though :)), and I have 2 from a NSW breeder, who is very good friends with Davina, and they both have each others dogs in their breeding programmes. I will be seeing her on 21st Feb for the Victorian Speciality. Thats where I met her last year. She was great to talk to, and had a ton of knowledge...

Good luck with getting your new pup, I guess to you, it seems like such a long time to wait, hey :D:D


Thanks Saba,

Davina is happy for me to go and meet her and her basinji's when I am in Perth next. I am looking forward to actually meeting another basenji…....oh and to meet Davina as well 🙂 So much good information on this site and also to be able to talk to a reputable breeder would be great.

I have no idea about dog shows or breeding requirements but do know what it is to live with a basinji and to be without. I choose to be with.........so every second without is a second wasted 🙂


Hello and welcome to the forums! I am sorry to hear of your loss. I bet Toby is lonely, too. Good luck with finding him a new Basenji friend.

So sorry to hear about your loss. We lost one of our beloved Basenjis last spring it is extremely hard still. Like you I had never heard of this breed or known anyone who had them until I met my husband. And until I found this site had really no one to talk to about them or get information.

Good luck to you in finding another and I am sure there is one put there who would be happy to adopt you!!

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

So sorry to hear of your loss and I hope you don't have to be without a B for too long.

No we were lucky, the breeder my husband knew had a 4 month old. Our Bongo left us in April and we had Dakota a few weeks later. We were going through our loss when we went to see the new puppy, had we waited a little longer I don't think we would have decided to get another,we still had an older female at home and she was doing fine without her partner. It was more for us that we took Dakota and so perhaps everything happens for a reason….although there are times I wonder what the reasons are//LOL
They so become your family very fast and life is never the same, it is all good. I hope you find another to fill your home and life with the same joy

Welcome!! Sorry to hear of your loss. I hope your search for a new B. is fulfilled.

Thank you everyone for the welcomes. Always so many nice comments…...must be from nice patient basenji parents 🙂

My jack russel (toby) is over 10 years old now and I have see so many people with 2 or more basinji's. I am now thinking of having 2 basinji's but getting the second one after Toby "moves on". Hopefully he has a few more good years left in him. Do older basenji's say 3 or 4 years old have problems with puppies? I think it is best to have a male and a female but which one would be best to get first or does it make no difference?

2 basenji's ......did i just say that :eek:

Yes you did say 2!!
We had no problem bringing Dakota (a male puppy) home. Our older basenji Arizona was 8 and she became a new dog, very loving and protective towards Dakota. She was not like that with our other male who was just 9 when he passed. She became the mother, putting Dakota in his place when needed. From our experience, a female might be best as the first dog in the house, but others may have different experiences. They always find their place in the household, usually it is to be the top dog and that is a day to day battle!! Too funny sometimes

I like male dogs, they are really sweet and can be better with puppies than females…who can be, well, bitchy. I got a female pup years ago when my male was 12 and they were inseparable. The older female I had at the time tolerated the pup, but the male really bonded with her.

We had a puppy come stay with us for a week while he was waiting to go to his new home. My younger girls warmed to him the quickest, mostly because they weren't annoyed by his puppy antics. The older two warmed a little more slowly but all four were accepting of him and by the end of the week the really missed him when he left for his new home.

Welcome to the forum and I'm sorry for your loss. I've always said that once a person has one, they rarely go back to other breeds. We seem to adapt to having them around and needing them more than they need us!

:rolleyes:I love my jack russel to bits but Sandy my B was always my favorite. I always tried to show no favoritism to either but I knew she was special to me. I cannot put my finger on what it was, just a very infectious dog that had me talking to her as though she was human and I am sure she understood every word I said. She may not have agreed with every word but she definatly understood. Some of the looks I would get. I knew exactly what she was thinking and we had these kind of "conversations". As she grew older we came to agreements on mutual terms as to what she would or wouldn't do. Sometimes reluctently she would obey but knew that I only had her best interests at heart.

What a great personality they are to have in your life…... and yes Arlene I am sure you are right we seem to need them more than they need us. Soooooo....who is the superior race. Well Basenji's, obviously :rolleyes:

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