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I found this link to a pic. I got it since dash tries to eat other dogs that approach on leash, but overall it gives more control. I had a dog trainer fit it on him since the fit is rather tight, so it does not slip unlike the Halti.

Actual training would be best, but this could give you more control in the mean time.

Thank you for the link

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The Easy Walk harness is another option, and usually less annoying for the dog. But the Haltis and Gentle Leaders are nice too.

Both dogs are walked with harness'. Just purchased a Halti, will try it out and see how it goes. Some days are better than others:)

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How about attending a basic obedience class?

Would love to try obedience classes….any tips on keeping him calm in the car so we can get there... Our boy is quite the youngster or a little devil depending on the day

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What is the gentle leader??

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It's been awhile since I wrote about our basenjis.
All was fine until a few weeks ago, our youngest is becoming extremely stubborn on walks. We walk both dogs at the same time because leaving one alone for any lenght of time…well you know..
He pulls and tugs and darts at anything that moves. I have been tripped more times than I care to remember and very hurt on one occasion. I don't believe in pinch collars so they are not an option. Any tips or suggestions to help make our walks a little more enjoyable.


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Yes you did say 2!!
We had no problem bringing Dakota (a male puppy) home. Our older basenji Arizona was 8 and she became a new dog, very loving and protective towards Dakota. She was not like that with our other male who was just 9 when he passed. She became the mother, putting Dakota in his place when needed. From our experience, a female might be best as the first dog in the house, but others may have different experiences. They always find their place in the household, usually it is to be the top dog and that is a day to day battle!! Too funny sometimes

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No we were lucky, the breeder my husband knew had a 4 month old. Our Bongo left us in April and we had Dakota a few weeks later. We were going through our loss when we went to see the new puppy, had we waited a little longer I don't think we would have decided to get another,we still had an older female at home and she was doing fine without her partner. It was more for us that we took Dakota and so perhaps everything happens for a reason….although there are times I wonder what the reasons are//LOL
They so become your family very fast and life is never the same, it is all good. I hope you find another to fill your home and life with the same joy

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So sorry to hear about your loss. We lost one of our beloved Basenjis last spring it is extremely hard still. Like you I had never heard of this breed or known anyone who had them until I met my husband. And until I found this site had really no one to talk to about them or get information.

Good luck to you in finding another and I am sure there is one put there who would be happy to adopt you!!

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I guess you could say it is fate that we all have chosen Basenjis as our family pets. It is like having a child that never out grows the terrible 2's. Lots of patience,love and understanding goes a long way..along with pulling your hair out at times!! Have fun

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Thanks so much to Vanessa, the Vicks Vapo Rub trick works like a charm!!

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