• I like Mister Two Dicks better. 😃

  • Welcome to our pack - lovely dogs.

  • Well, Mister Two Dicks (3.5 years old) and Pepper (18 months old) had their first day together yesterday and within 5 minutes had their first rumble in the jungle. Probably not wise of me to give them each a rack of lamb bones so early in their relationship. Mister Two Dicks took his to his special place in the back yard and then took hers and expected her to accept it. No no no. Anyway, after I removed the two offending bones, they became really good mates. I found Pepper is not as smart as Mister Two Dicks. It took him three goes before he understood what the doggy door was used for. As for Pepper, all night long. Finally she gets it.

  • Houston

    Sounds like things are going well. We have rumbles for a few days here, before Otis accepts newbies, whether they are fosters or our own newbies..Moses comes to mind.
    Now they are best of friends.
    Yes bones might not be a good thing in this situation..

  • Welcome great names for great Basenjis.

    Rita Jean

  • @pari1art:

    Sorry Saba,
    I think you were asking their pedigree names. I have always had rescue basenjis. I find that they fit my lifestyle. I generally don't have to teach them toilet training and by the time that I get them most of the kinks have been worked out of them. That saying, I cannot give you Pepper's pedigree name, as I am waiting on the paperwork. However, Mister Two Dicks is Zandeena All or Nothing.

    I thought I recognised the lovely pink bush in the background of the first shot of Mr Two Dicks, (that name makes me smile everytime I read/say it :)), as being Millissa's place :). I might be clever on that one, but I have no idea on Peppers heritage, so Im looking forward to seeing where she is from !!! Snoopy arent I :D:D.

    Again welcome, and be sure to keep the pics coming, we luuuuuuuuuuuuve pics ;).

    Hope things are settling with the 2 of them… How did it go over night ???

  • Hi Saba,
    Yes, it is one of Millissa's photos. I happen to visit a dog show at Luddenham today and saw Millissa, together with a whole lot of other basenji lovers/owners. They convinced me to race home and pick up the "children" and take them back to the show just for a visit. I don't know what it is but I always like to visit dog shows to see the basenjis. As for last night, the children stood guard in the hallway while us parents slept. Not a peep out of them until the morning when Pepper decided to play bouncing basenji on my bed. I think she was telling me that I sleep too much.

    By the way, everyone, thanks for the kind remarks of welcome.

  • A belated welcome from the UK - I'm not on line all that frequently so it takes a while to catch up.

    Super names - and I'm sure you're going to have a lot more fun with the two of them

  • pari1art,

    Im jealous that you were up at the Spring Fair, although being a HUGE lover of cold weather, Im sort of glad I wasnt there :).

    I bet Millissa was really glad to have the chance to see one of the pups, from that litter. Its always nice to see them… Of course its lovely to be able to see a group of B's all together, and in Aus, its only really at dogs shows that that can happen, unfortunately...

    It sounds like Pepper is certainly settling in too her new home just nicely, well done :). It must be a relief to see the 2 of them working each other out, and soon, they will probably be the best of friends :D:D

  • Saba,
    The temperature up here was quite hot to state the obvious. LOL
    I have to agree with you that it is only at shows that we see a large group of basenjis. Seeing the basenjis is the only reason I go to the Royal Easter Show. Millissa loved seeing him after two years.

    Pepper has taken over and is showing Mister Two Dicks who is boss. It is funny to watch.

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