Not alone

Well I feel so much better….

Being new this forum, it is so good to hear other stories.
Living with a 1 yr old Basenji puppy is like nothing I have ever experienced. My husband has conveniently forgotten what it was like to have a puppy,he went through it twice long before we met, but as I see can never forget what it was like. I have holes in the sofa, metal corners on the coffee table because of chewing, had to get rid of a beautiful antique carpet because he found a loose piece of wool and pulled, numerous rolls of toilet paper have been shredded,we no longer put it on the actual toilet paper holder. Magazines,newspapers,letters, wrapping paper anything he can tear apart in 30 seconds seems to be the item of choice to redecorate with.
I used to have a house with everything in it's place, picture perfect, items would last forever...then I entered, of my own free will....the world of Basenjis
It is good to know I am not alone

Yes, puppies are a LOT of work.
Most of us just remember how cute they are when they are sleeping.

I know I shouldn't laugh but I couldn't help it.
Welcome to the world of owning a Basenji. You pretty much have to zero scape your home or else watch it get destroyed. LOL
I have found a few tricks though. As for the wood chewing, you can smear some vicks vapo rub on the wood and they won't touch it again.
Forget about the "no chew" spray. They for some reason love the stuff.
Try Chili Oil from your local grocery store. Use a paintbrush when applying it or else your fingers will burn. I've only had to use it once and my B's won't go near my dining room chairs and potted plants. They learned their lesson real quick!
<insert evil="" grin="" here="">:)
I've had a few pillows destroyed. It's hit and miss with our 2 Basenji's. They will go a period of time and leave everything alone and then all of a sudden become little termites.</insert>

Thanks for the tips, yes most of the time it is laughable and we have had a few good chuckles. As I write this they are both sleeping like angels.
I must say that our older one is now picking up habits that we thought we had stopped but I guess she is copying the younger, so we will have to start all over with her as well.

What would life be like without them,lol

And it doesn't get any better… Blaze is 15 years old, and he still destroys choice items when ever he feels the need. I try to convince myself that soon he will grow out of the puppy stage... right?

life with out them, there would be no new adventures!!!!

Thanks so much to Vanessa, the Vicks Vapo Rub trick works like a charm!!

A dear friend once told me…"First, you have to be smarter than the dog". With basenjis, it's a toss-up most of the time, and we laugh and are so proud when they outsmart us.

A sense of humor, and lack of attachment to possessions, really helps with a basenji puppy!

That is a requirement for having a Basenji… a sense of humor....


A sense of humor, and lack of attachment to possessions, really helps with a basenji puppy!

Puppy, heck…adult as well! I've had Ruby (4 yo) almost 2 years and she just chewed and destroyed my power adapter to my macbook...never took any interest in it before. :rolleyes:

My Nicky is 11 and will still steal my wallet out of my pruse and destroy it, or grab an unattended leather shoe when the mood strikes her.

Oooh, I just have to add to this thread…so appropaux...Querk was in a wire crate, closed in our room, because the house cleaners were here (don't be is a baby gift from my sister 😉 ) So anyhow...the cleaners had left, after commenting on the strange noises that the dogs make 😉 I hadn't freed Querk yet, and I HAD left the door open to the dog room. All of a sudden, there is a HUGE commotion in the dog room...and Querk and other male dog Hippo are carrying on thru the wire wall of Hippo's crate. Somehow, Querk had collapsed his wire crate from inside, then opened the door to the bedroom. Although, BEFORE he opened the door to the bedroom, he shredded a towel, and an old snow least he didn't shred the comforter (I think he loves that too much), or any furniture!

I don't know how he collapsed the crate...the first time ever. And I don't know how he opened the door to the bedroom...two firsts for a 10 year old dog.....

For me, reading the threads makes me think that I must have the least destructive Basenji. We can leave him free in the house for up to 4 hours alone and he will barely even touch the toys we leave out for him (not even my slippers!). With his new companion we are hoping to give him a little more freedom without losing too many possessions.

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