• Yesterday our house cleaners came to do their usual cleaning. We didn't think anything of it. Alex usually takes the dogs for a long walk while they are cleaning the house so they don't get in the way. After they finished we left the house. When I came home from work I opened the door and immediately smelt gas. I ran upstairs and saw our dogs laying on the floor and they had puked a couple times. The cleaners had accidently turned on the gas stove so for 7 hrs our dogs were smelling this :eek:
    Thank god they were ok. Just a little sick and disoriented. I called the vet who told me that we were lucky that they didn't die. There were no open windows in the house. It gave us a really big scare yesterday and our cleaners are going to get a ear full today and we are going to install gas sensors in our home now.

  • Not only should the cleaners get an ear full - they should get fired! Period!

  • Anyone who owns a gas stove top should consider gettting the child safety covers for knobs. Our dogs have accidently turned on the gas themselves trying to look for things on the counter and stove. We were lucky that we were home when this happened.

  • That's why I won't get a stove that has the knobs at the front, Only at the back. Although I also like the glass top ones, so it's a little different.

    You guys are so lucky with the dogs, I would have to agree, that calls for the cleaners getting fired. If there were some old electronics that had timers or something, 7 hours of gas filling the house could be a huge explosion and all your stuff could be gone with no possible escape for the dogs.

  • That is so scary! Thank God your pups were okay!!! I would have been terrified! And yea, as wizard said, there would be no ear full from me. There would be a "you're fired & I want my money back!"

    A few years ago, when I was living in Virginia with my ex, we came home to our apartment smelling like gas. It turns out that the people living above us had gone away for the weekend & their German Shepard had turned on the gas stove by accident while trying to get the dog treat bin down off the counter. Thankfully the dog was okay & the managers were able to get into the apartment & shut it off. Definitely a scary situation to be in! Child safety covers are a smart thing to have!

  • That is amazing that the dogs are still alive. :eek: Wow.

    I'd be firing the house cleaner.

  • How scary!! Thank god your pups are ok! I would also fire the cleaner….......

  • OMG, that's very scary indeed. but happy to hear your dogs are ok! phew!!

  • I know. It scared the hell out of us! I knew the moment I walked into the house not to turn anything on. 7 hrs though. God poor guys…I was only in the house for a few minutes before my head started to hurt. I could only imagine how they felt. 😞
    Even the vet said that if it had been any longer they wouldn't of made it.
    As soon as I took them outside they bounced right back. Chance even sat on the wet grass (which he never does) sticking his nose up as if to say....aaahh fresh air.

    Its just one more added concern. We baby gate our house to keep them from accidently getting out. We are cautious to make sure anything bad is out of harms reach.
    Today before going to work I swear I checked the stove at least 10 times.

  • Good to know the dogs are fine!

  • Glad to hear u the dogs are fine . I agree with the others they should be fired . My sister has a husky and an akita and she uses those child covers on the stove . I just take the knobs off the front when we go out mine haven't tried to get up there but ya never know so i just take them off to be safe

    again glad to hear the dogs are ok

  • Lisa brought up a good point. I think we are going to install covers on the nobs to keep them from being potentially knocked

  • Oh my gosh, I am so glad that they are okay. How did your talk with the cleaner go?

  • I told my DH about your experience and he says "Yet another reason not to have housecleaners." Guess it's become a habit for me to make sure all burners are off after cleaning the front of the stove.

    Why was the gas on with no flame? Although it's not the safest situation, at least there are no fumes… I can't turn on my oven/stove without a flame to eat up the gas...

    Or were the cleaners behind the appliance and accidentally disconnected the gas feed? (That's why I never pull mine out to clean...LOL!).

    Anyways, glad everybody's okay!

  • we have a gas stove and you have to turn the nob to a certain point to kick on the flame. The cleaners just turned the nob half way between the light and off switch so gas was coming out. It is a brand new stove since our house is only 6mts old, yet I wonder why appliances are still so unsafe!

  • How scary!!!! Glad your kids are safe! I agree…. fire the cleaners! You could have lost the dogs, plus everything else you own!

  • @Vanessa:

    we have a gas stove and you have to turn the nob to a certain point to kick on the flame. The cleaners just turned the nob half way between the light and off switch so gas was coming out. It is a brand new stove since our house is only 6mts old, yet I wonder why appliances are still so unsafe!

    That is interesting, because the people I know who have gas stoves have to push the knob in, then turn it to a certain point in order for it to first bleed gas…then there is a pop, pop, pop noise indicating the gas is coming out and then just past that the flame lights. The noise doesn't stop unless the flame lights. The gas stoves they have are Dacor and Wolf. Even the condo I used to be in 5 years ago had a gas stove that you had to push in the knob and turn it quite a ways over in order to get to the point that the gas comes out. And actually now that I think about it, that had an audible noise to it as well. That was a GE. I didn't think they made gas stoves now without the audible indicator or push in knobs...interesting. You'd think that in this day and age those would be basic safety features. Guess I know I'll be looking for those features when I switch the house to gas for cooking and for the generator next year.

  • Glad it turned out ok.
    Wow, what a scare.

  • OMG that is terrible!!! You must have been mortified when you walked in… I know that I would not have the cleaners back either.:mad: Just to see them in my house again would make my stomach turn! I am so glad the furbabys are OK, things could have easily been worse...

  • OMG very happy to read you're all ok!

    I alway was afraid our cat turned the gas on, now we don't have gas anymore

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