New from UK

Hi There,

Just found this website doing a google search for basenji stuff πŸ™‚

I currently have no basenji, but am awaiting the arrival of my stunning little tri bitch pup (who is called Maya!) in a few weeks, she is now 5 weeks old.

Im planning to show her, i currently show my pugs and labradors and handle other breeds for people but a Basenji is definately a new challenge.


Hello and welcome to the forum:D It's nice to see someone else from the UK on here. I am currently living in N.I as my husband is forces but I will be coming across to England for a few shows later in the year so might see you in the ring at some point. Who are you getting Maya from?


She's coming from a breeder WAAAAY oop norf lol

We will be at shows with her from about June so look forward to seeing you there. I have been looking for a basenji pup for many years so have spent a lot of time watching them from the ringside, it will be nice to actually be involved finally!

Looking forward to seeing you later in the ring then:D
When you get her settled in post some pics of her please, we all love piccies!!:D

Her dam isn't Millie by any chance is it? If so should be lovely puppies:D

Welcome to the forum!!
Can't wait to see some tri-puppy pics!

Hello from France, I also have a tri boy who is coming from England, and I am in love with tri's

Thanks for the welcome everyone πŸ™‚

I took some pictures when i visited the puppies on Sunday, i shall have to try and work out how to show them!

Welcome and like everyone else, I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. I love this time of year when there are so many puppy pictures popping up!!! I think basenji puppies have to be some of the cutest!


Welcome to the pack! Will be waiting to hear stories about the pup from you and pictures when you get the chance.

Hopefully this will work…..

Welcome to the forum, Jessica and lovely Maya !! Beautiful tri-pup. πŸ˜‰
Awaiting our first B ever, a R/W male, by the end of the week …
Greetings from Belgium

Bendji 6 weeks old

Oh, Bendji is just too precious, what a sweetie! πŸ˜ƒ

Maya will be my first Basenji, and very long awaited. Im so pleased with her, the whole litter was stunning so im very happy πŸ˜ƒ

What a cute Tri pup….. congrats

Both Maya and Bendji are adorable!! Love those little faces and pudgy little bodies.


I am coming to steal this little tri πŸ˜ƒ

OMG, Maya is adorable and matches the rug perfectly:D

Welcome to the forums and best of luck in all the show rings in your future!!

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