• just moved in to learn more about this beautiful dog. I don't have one yet but plan on getting one after my wife gives birth to our daughter in november. Anything I should know?

  • Oh, there's lots to learn! Check out www.basenji.org/learn for a quick overview. Buy from a responsible breeder. Ask lots of questions.


  • for the love of god if you do get lucky enough to find that special dog, buy a crate before you bring him home, or if not then i can recommend a couple good contractors to repair your house.

  • I wouldn't recommend getting a basenji until you've organized your new schedule with baby. basenjis are wonderful dogs, but require a lot of attention and stimulation. If you can't provide that, he could become a frustrated dog and cause mischeif. I've also read that they aren't the best with children. I haven't had the best experience with my basenji and daughter. It has a lot to do with the fact that we can't give him sufficient attention and exercise like he needs. he also hasn't adjusted to my daughter's presence either. that may not be a problem for you because you're having baby first then dog. they say its always a plus because it allows the child to establish a dominence over the dog, since child was there first. i don't want to be a sour apple, but i just want to let families with children know that it can be difficult and dangerous if proper care isn't given. its also unfair to the precious breed if they cant have the active life they need and crave.

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