• Hi, Just found this site and wanted to say hi. My husband and I adopted our Tri-color female Basenji this summer in August. We found her at our local animal shelter. She is about a year old, as told to us by our Vet. We also have two Dachshunds one is 13 (Frasier) and the other is Daphne who is blind and deaf and is thought to be around 15…she was born totally deaf and blind in one eye. The Basenji's name is Nikki. Nikki is very sweet and loving.And a little on the wild side. She is still adjusting to her new surroundings. She loves to chew on pillows and eat the tissues in the trash. The weather has just turned cold today and we had a lot of rain yesterday and she does not want to go out at all, not even to do her business. Does anyone else have this problem? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks, Lisa

  • Pretty typical… cold weather and Basenjis are usually a challenge.... and especially rain..... you just have to make her go out ... and I have always found that walking them will usually do the trick....

    Can't wait to see pictures..... and welcome to the list... You might want to check out www.basenjihealth.org for information on health issues in Basenjis and for sure doing the DNA test for Fanconi. Also you might want to print out the Fanconi Protocol for your Vet if they are not up to date on our breed.

  • Pat,

    Thanks for the link and the info….I will get out the leash and make her go! :)I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how. Lisa

  • Welcome here!

    Our two basenji's both don't want our when it's raining, even when they think it's raining or it's cold they don't want to go.
    And if I get them so far the walk outside, they don't do anyting just stand still and look very angry…

    most Basenji's hate rain...

  • Get a basenji rain coat and make her walk.
    We are in the Pacific Northwest, and rain is just a fact of life up here.
    They don't like it, but they still have to go walkies!

  • Nikki sound like a true basenji 😃 chewing on pillows and hating the cold 😃
    Please post some pics of her and Frasier and Daphne. We love pics 🙂

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