Happy Birthday my Sweetie

Yesterday, i didn't had time for my computer so one day late..

Buana!!!! 3 years old now…

You've maid our world sooooooo happy, your way of living is such a beautiful way..

I know all the children and elderly you've helped and gave love are so thankfull... And so are we..

Thanks for beiing with us... stay forever little man!!!

Giving Kas a kiss, just 5hours old

Look into the world little man!


At home and already love the view!


He's just sooooo sweet

Youre our star… our famous one

Buana - happy belated birthday (I really like your couch posture :))

i think you and your dogs lead such an interesting life! happy b'day

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Buana!! What a handsome man you are!!

Happy "B"-Day!!!:D

handsome Buana and our Best Wishes for the whole family for 2009 !!

Basenji Mix

Great pictures of your love, Buana. Happy Birthday little star! 🙂

Buana is just beautiful, such a sweet face!

Happy Birthday Buana!! I love the photos! Tomorrow are my kids 1st b-day!

Thanks every one!!!

So nice to see all the replies!

Happy birthday Buana you live the life of a charmed one:D
Love the pick on the boat with the Dutch flag flowing in the breeze:)

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