• My little girl turns 1 year old today !!

    We have had such a crazy first year, and watching her grow up as been such a pleasure (most of the time)… but in order to make her first birthday come in with a BANG... Lycia decided she had a pull a big Basenji to be a proper 1 year old.

    My beau came over to my flat for the first time and decided he really did not want a dog in the room with us.... so he shut the door... and thus ensued a hour of Lycia hurling herself at the door and crying. how... unromantic to say the least. I convinced him to let me keep the door cracked, so she knew I was alive - which of course appeased the beast, and she promptly fell asleep on the couch in the living room. Morning revealed that she had destroyed his jacket, his scarf, AND his glasses. (ahhhhhhhhh) ...never underestimate the jealousy of a little baby girl Basenji. 😉

  • Haha. Dallas can't be locked out of the room either. He'd go nuts!

    Happy birthday to your baby girl! 🙂

  • Happy happy happy first Birthday Lycia!!
    And I know how awfull it is when a B eats your glasses…..

  • Nicky ate 2 pair of my glasses before I got smart enough to leave them in my kitchen cabinet.

    I think we know what Lycia thinks of your beau! Happy Birthday, Lycia!

  • Happy Birthday!

    LOL I was reading and anticipating the part about Basenji revenge. Too funny!

  • Happy Birthday!!! Mine love glasses, too… But our cat aids by knocking off the counter to them!

  • Happy Birthday to Lycia !!!

    et Joyeux No?l (Merry Xmas) for "mommy"!!

  • Happy Birthday, Lycia. You seem to have made a big impression on the beaus first visit. He'll not soon forget!!!

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