Happy 15th Birthday

Today is Mickii's 15th Birthday (aka DC Zuri's Ti-Tanza Wazi Ajabu,SC,LCM6)

Still going strong and still "a wicked Tri" 😉

Mickii and Kristii catching some rays between rain showers today

Happy birthday! Beautiful Basenji 🙂

15!?!? holy cow lol

happy birthday you old dog, you ;):D!

Happy Birthday you good looker you!

Happy Birthday Mickii!

Happy Birthday, Mickii!!! (and not a grey hair in sight!)

Yay Mickii! Happy Birthday to you!!!

It is obvious that you have taken very good care of your Basenji, 15 and looking this good, gosh! Isn't that like 75 in human years, he looks great!

She does look great… and there are some grey hairs... but she is one of those that has not really had many grey hairs... certain not as many as all mine have given me over the years...gggg By the way, Kristii was 13 in December.. and you can see her grey... hmmm and you can tell by this picture... they need nails done this weekend!

Happy birthday you handsome young devil 😉

Happy Birthday, Mickii–and many more!!!!!

Happy Birthday Mickii!

Happy Birthday Mickii!!!!!

awwww happy birthday… 15 niether of the cute little dogs look that old they look about half that :p

Happy, happy birthday Mickii!!! You're looking great!

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