• Today my boy turned two! It's amazing to think that after three years of waiting and looking at litters, watching the breedings and checking into the website day after day to stare for hours at the photos of puppies wondering which was mine, and weeks of "not so" patiently waiting to receive my bundle…that even after all that, two years have come and gone. I am so grateful for Oakley, he has truly given me back life after a tough loss, has taught me laughter and patience, and that the small stuff doesn't matter, and by the small stuff I mean, shoes, floors covered in tea, a torn couch and ink paw prints all over my kitchen floor!! I'm so appreciative of our time together and look forward to what is assuredly, some of our best years ahead. They WILL be our golden years, and I'm lucky to have him by my side. My only hope for his birthday is that they don't pass too quickly.
    Happy 2nd birthday my boy...today you go from being a puppy to officially being a grown boy.

  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Oakley. He is a lucky boy to have you. I hope you enjoy many more happy occasions together. 🙂

  • Hippo birdie 2 ewes Oakley.

    And I'm glad you mentioned this.

    15 (yes, 15) years ago, Jet the trying was born.

    So happy bday to Jet's bday brother! (only younger, and yes time does fly!)

  • Happy Birthday Oakley 🙂

  • A Very Happy Birthday from me and Butu (just over two…)

  • LOL, so you think he is "not" a puppy…. happy B-Day Oakley

  • First Basenji's

    Happy Birthday Oakley!!!!!!!!!!! If I ever get a chance I would love to visit Pam and see her and her doggies and bring Dolce and I know you live close by it would be awesome if our black and white B's could meet because they come from the same place. They are probably not related but in a way they are they.. grew up in the same loving home loL! Hope he is having the time of his life today!! bAROOOooo!

  • Happy Belated Bday wishes to Oakley, from his B friends Becca and Tucker (and their humans)!

  • First Basenji's

    I think there are going to be a lot of birthdays to celebrate in the upcoming weeks. 🙂
    Happy belated birthday Oakley and Jet!

  • Happy 2nd birthday. Gosh time goes so very fast!

  • Thanks everyone, time really does fly, worries me that the rest will go just as fast!

    Pat, officially he's my big boy, but I don't expect better behavior by any means!!
    Vickayx, come down any time! I live minutes from Eldorado and its always fun to visit, perhaps this spring you should come down for a day of lure coursing practices and a visit to Pam's. Youre welcome to stay with us

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