Happy Birthday Tyson and Rocky!

I know that their wonderful families are on these forums so I wanted to wish a happy 2nd birthday to Tyson and Rocky! And we won't leave out brother Jazz too. 🙂

Mom, dad, and big sis send their love and a round of Baroos! I am very blessed to have Jeff, Jenny, and Kathryn in my life. These were two fabulous boys and now they have some very special homes where I know they are spoiled rotten. 🙂 I am so proud of their accomplishments and look forward to seeing the both of them next year!

Such happy and loving boys, I have to share some fun photos.

A week old, together with the family:

Some brotherly love:

I haven't gotten around to ordering it yet, but here is a link to the boys doing what they do best:

Too cute. Happy bday Tyson and Rocky. 🙂

Happy birthday boys!!!

The pics are soooo cute..

And what a beautifull family…

Happy Birthday Tyson and Rocky! Baroooooo your "brother" Lenny in CT! And Michelle and Tayda of course!

Those pictures are adorable! I love in the puppy photo how the one brindle has his front leg around the other. Too cute! 🙂 Happy brithday!!!

Great pics! I didn't see the puppies at first in the first photo.. and then I read: a week old.. I was like: Huh? They are quite big to be just one week old….. Haha.. I found the pups pretty soon after that 😃 😉

Happy B-day to them 🙂

Awwww . . .

hippo birdie guys!

Happy B-lated Birthday!

Happy Birthday, boys! You're very handsome!! Hope you had a GREAT day.

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