• The other day (Thursday) I came home from work and instead of spryly greeting me at the door EL D was slowly making his way from the bedroom. He was favoring his rear leg so I guessed he fell out of bed and landed wrong (he rolls around so much he has on occasion fallen off). I stupidly took him for his daily walk (he was after all only favoring it not limping) but later that evening he was clearly limping (nothing broken or swollen). The vet told me (over the phone) to give him aspirin and put warmth on. Last night he woke up a couple of times crying a little. He doesn't cry when I stroke his leg and he occasionally will put some weight on it but he clearly doesn't feel his best (he eats well but doesn't want to walk anywhere). I know sprains and pulled muscles can take time to heal but my heart sure cries. Any other suggestions to help him feel better would be appreciated.

  • Hope he feels better soon.

  • Phoenix did the same thing a couple weeks ago Sprained/pulled a muscle I called my vet the other day and she said to rotate ice and heat 15 mins 2x a day and just try and keep him from stretching it alot . Phoenix isn't whining or anything just limping but i know how u feel . It hurts to see him being like that and knowing ya really can't do much about it . 😞 I hope he feels better soon !!

  • Update on EL D - much more serious than a mere sprain. The leg got worse (serious limping) over the weekend and EL D got more and more lethargic to the point Sunday of being nearly unresponsive. I got him in to my vet today and after several hours and several tests (my vet is very thorough) and xrays, the diagnosis came back that EL D has blastomycosis, an uncommon fungal disease that invades the lungs. Tomorrow I and my vet will be contacting the university vet school for a confirming diagnosis and medication. The prognosis is poor but not rock bottom. Please keep EL D in your prayers.

  • I'm so sorry about the diagnosis. But at least it has been caught. Keep us posted.

  • Oh no, how frightening! Many good thoughts and prayers headed your way. Poor little guy, lucky you have such a thorough vet. Hoping El D will be OK, keep us posted please.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Ow, that's terrible..

    I hope and will pray for your sweety…

  • Oh, my, at least you now know.
    Hugs to you and your sick dog.
    Let us know how it goes with him.

  • Poor ElD!! We'll be praying for him as well!

  • So sorry… how terrible... hugs and good thoughts coming your way....

  • Sorry to hear 😞 I will keep him in my prayers and the pups here send lots and lots of kisses his way Get better soon EL D !!!!

  • El D, bud, get better. (but tell mom you need home cooking and the prime real estate on the bed! it'll make you feel better.)

    Fungal infections are tough! Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of basenjis on this board with strange medical issues?

  • Oh, no! Poor El D!

    Yes, I was just thinking the same thing - we have way too many sick basenjis the last couple of weeks. Good thoughts for all the pups and their pets.

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