• First of all, I want to thank everybody on here who has helped to educate, advise & support all basenji owners regarding Fanconi. I would have been lost without directions on how to order, the CPP website, etc. (Especially thanks to Tanza for the cheekswab info! So much easier than blood draw!)
    And I just ordered the cheek swab tests for Booger & Lola. Thanks to Yodeldogs (Robyn of Sherwood Basenjis), I know Booger's line has a decent amount of Fanconi risk through his father. Lola is his cousin, but I have limited information about her parents.
    Any positive thoughts in our direction would be appreciated… I feel a little queasy whenever I think about it.

  • Here are my positive thoughts!!

  • Happy thoughts and good energy for good results. 🙂

  • Sending my positive thoughts your way for favorable test results!


  • Good vibes coming your way for good results…. regardless, we will all be here to support you

  • Yes, Pat is right, we will be here for you.

  • Hopeful thoughts going your way – we're all here to help support you.

  • Sending good thoughts. Kiora has her paws crossed.

  • Thanks for all of the good thoughts! Just waiting for the tests to come in, so I can send them back & hurry up & wait.

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