• I have not good news.

    Lycia for the past week has had a white blood cell count which has been very high, and then dropped, and bounced back up.

    After her injections of meds she has been much happier - more willing to eat etc. However, we went back to get her spayed today (the vet is concerened it's a infection of the uterus) and her white blood cell count was up.. the vet called me in and asked me to feel her side, where there is a very large mass stretching from her stomach into the groin. Needless to say my heart dropped into my stomach. These growths have to be barely a week old maybe less, we are almost 100% sure they were not there at her last check up less than a week ago. Or at least not this large. My vet, a truly incredible individual (as in, Lycia was so stressed after all these tests she was freaking out in the vet cages so he had his staff take turns holding her in their arms all day) told me he would do some Xrays to see if it was in her lungs, and if so, it would be inoperable.

    He sent me home - I made it to the car before losing it. He called me a few hours later to inform me that the Xrays were inconclusive, and it's completely grey area. It's 50 50 good or bad. So, on wends he will take her to the local human hospital and do a whole body scan, they will probably biopsy the masses to be sure.

    I'm rather in a daze, this is my little girl, she isn't even 11 months old yet, it is unthinkable to me that she could have cancer when she is bounding around my room. So, if I can selfishly ask for your good thoughts towards my puppy, I would be grateful. To believers of any sort, prayer and light are very much needed.

    I'll keep everyone abreast.

  • I am so sorry to hear of Lycia's illness… hugs and good thoughts are being sent her way from all of the Tanza Family....

  • Lauren, I'm so sorry. Your emotional pain and heart break sound so profound in your post. I'm sending prayers to you and Lycia. Keep hope and faith.


  • I'm in tears. I feel for you. And of course you and Lycia will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about this… you and Lycia will be in my prayers!

  • Oh my.. I'm so sorry to hear this! Tears in my eyes.. I hope everything is going to be ok! You are in my thoughts!

  • I am so sorry to hear about Lycia. We will be keeping both of you in our thoughts.

  • Be strong and keep positive thoughts and love that l'il girl for all you're worth. We'll be thinking of you and Lycia and hoping for the best.

  • Oh, hugs for you and your basenji.
    Keep us posted on her and your health.

  • Hugs, love, and prayers for you all. We'll be thinking of you.

  • I am so very, very sorry. Certainly you and Lycia are in our thoughts and prayers.


  • How scary.

    Prayers…. and cyber-hugs for both of you.

  • 😞 We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers:(

  • I will be praying for good news about Lycia, I feel your pain, so sorry!!!!!

  • Please know that we all have you and Lycia in our prayers.

  • We are praying for both you & Lycia to pull through this.

  • fingers are crossed! I hope you can handle this somehow! My thoughts are with you.

  • When I am following part of the lives of the others basenjis through the forum I always feel like they are part of my pack and always get tears in my eyes when bad news come up.
    I am keeping Lycia in my thoughs, keep us posted!

  • I know I don't post often but I'm sending lots of positive energy and healing vibes to you and your pup

  • Thank you so much for all your positive outreach..I can feel it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and doing research online.

    Otherwise, Lycia seems in good spirits, she is eating like a horse and had a excellent time at the dog park today. We are trying to keep things as normal as possible I suppose.

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