• Both of our B's love to chew (rawhide, deer antler) but one of them, Binti, keeps getting diarrhea when she chews more than, say 5 minutes.
    We want to let her chew more than that, to satisfy her instincts and to clean her teeth, but are not sure what to give.
    Any suggestions?

  • I don't give rawhides anymore, as I think they are dangerous. I went through some worrisome time when one of my girls got a piece lodged just before the opening to the stomach…...we were thinking we might have to have surgery, but it finally passed. Actual bones are good but messy, and you risk a chipped or broken tooth. I would also like suggestions. I have antler, but it doesn't interest him for very long.....

  • Bulky sticks are easily digestible versus rawhide…that's what I I've oak because he gets diarrhea on rawhide (plus I don't think it's safe) and antlers don't keep him interested for long

  • That is what I use, Bully Sticks…. and I have antlers around, they chew on them every now and again.....

  • Bully sticks are just baked rawhide. Antlers are tougher and the mniscule amounts of antler that can be chewed up in a day shouldn't rile up a sensitve tummy.

    Have you tried "moo tubes"? They're bovine trachea and more digestible than skin, whether in rawhide or bully stick form.

    As with any dog toy, check ountry of origin and avoid non-domestc produced.

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