Throwing up the yellow stuff…would you call the vet?

  • I know we've had numerous posts on here about how basenjis will throw up that gross yellow stuff when they have empty stomachs. Well, Tosca has done this a few times here and there since we've had her, I'd say about once every month or so, tops.
    Now, it seems, in the last month, she has started to do it more and more. I would figure she's done it about 5-6 times in the last month and a half…so averaging about once a week. It is always in the early morning hours, before we get up to feed her. We feed her twice a day, once after we get up, and then once in the evening. The vet said she is just a tad on the heavy side, so we don't feed her more than that, except for the occasional treat. Well, once she started doing this, I've tried to give her a little bit of food right before we go to bed, hoping that would help, but she is still doing it.
    What would you recommend? Should I call the vet, or is this just a sign that she needs more food at night? Can vomiting the yellow stuff indicate any other problems?
    Thank you for your input, if necessary I'll give her more food before bed, like a third meal rather than just a bit, but I don't want to over feed her either. I also don't want to ignore any other problems that it could be.

  • I used to have that problem with Kananga until I made a 3rd meal in the day, right before bedtime. The 3rd meal was less than the other 2 meals but gave him enough food to avoid an empty stomach.

    Recently I've started giving him a raw meal in the evenings (around 6-7pm) and he doesn't get any food until the morning. Not a single problem. I think the raw food keeps them full longer than dry kibble.

    You could always split the meals up evenly as 3 meals. You don't need to feed more necessarily.

    Although it's always good to get things checked out by the vet if you're concerned.

  • I would talk to your vet about it.

    My girl Sophie was doing it every morning while she was on antibiotics and our vet had us give her some pepcid and then checked with us a couple days later to see if it helped. After she was off the antibiotics we were able to stop the pepcid and no more upset stomach. So maybe there is something that has changed recently that may be causing her upset stomach?

  • It is never wrong to see a vet when you do not know what is wrong with your pet.

    Vomiting bile (the gross yellow stuff) means she is vomiting when her stomach is empty.

    She could have slow motility issues which is easily "fixed" with Reglan or Metoclopramide. A vet would be needed for this.

    I have known IBD to present as vomiting bile as well So if it continues long term - I would be looking a little deeper for reasons.

    Excess acid accumulating in her stomach could also be the culprit. The acid can irritate the stomach, leading to vomiting. Diarrhea could also occur if the irritation spreads throughout her system. Pepcid AC could help for acid. I would consult a vet before trying.

    Another option would be to try and feed her a bit more then just a snack at bed time. Since she is a bit chubby I would just take a handful of her breakfast, another from her dinner and feed this to her at bedtime (since you are still feeding her the normal amount -just made into three meals - she should not gain weight). See how that works.

    Also, you may want to consider gradually switching her diet. There is always the chance that the diet you are currently using simply does not agree. Therefore, changing foods (perhaps to a highly digestible ?sensitive stomach? formula) may have an impact on the problem. Even if your food is the best of the best does not mean it is the best for Tosca.

    Good luck.

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  • I give my 2 b's a dry cracker just before bed. It seems to stop the heaving.
    BUT a vet is always good to check just in case.

  • hi ivoss, my boy pedro was doing the same thank and now i know what it is!!. thanks

  • I generally scoop the day's entire food amount (usually a largely rounded cup of kibble - but it depends on the brand) in the morning and then divide it up into three portions (not necessarily equal) and the last portion is given right before bedtime (mine also gets a small chunk of raw steak, and a few treats everyday). She hasn't had any morning bile since I started the bedtime feeding. Strangely when she finds something to eat in the yard (rare event thankfully) she'll also throw up – but later in the morning.

  • my basenji wont eat anythang unless he see's me eat ! and i leave the food out allday where he can get it but it don't matter if it's there or not!, wont eat it till i eat and he only eats 1 a day!!. picky!,picky, picky !!.

  • Any update on Tosca? Hope all is well.


  • Yes, thanks for the info! I've been so busy with Colton (he is almost 3 mo already, it's crazy how fast time flies!) that I haven't gotten on here to update. So far Tosca is fine, I've resorted to giving her another small meal right before we go to bed, and so far no throwup. I figure now that the weather is nicer and I am cleared to exercise, she is getting more walks to help offset the extra eating. We do have a vet appointment anyway (routine) tomorrow, so I will mention it to them then also, just to see what they think.

  • Glad to hear Tosca is doing better. Colton is 3 months already?:eek:
    Man, time flies!!

  • I know!! I'd love to post pics, but DH doesn't want pics of him up on the internet….I think he is being a bit paranoid, but I guess I can see his point...kinda 😛 He is getting sooo big so fast though, it's a blast watching him learn and I am just getting sad about going back to work in April!

  • That's going to be hard:(

    I hope your school is in better shape than we are. 560 slated (of a total of 2,200) to be laid off in district. 34 already pink slipped from my building alone. State and federal funding cuts and contract negotiations at the same time. :eek: Administrative strong arm tactics….......

    I'd love to see pics of Colton and Tosca together, but I deeply respect your husbands concerns.

    Enjoy your time at home with Colton and best of luck in April. I'll say a "keep mommy strong" prayer for you:D


  • Wow…our school district is in rough shape too, but nothing like that. So far we are projected to lose 30 teachers, district wide. My building (one of 3 middle schools) has been lucky so far...we haven't lost any regular ed teachers, but several allied arts teachers have been moved or reduced. Unless things keep going this way for years and years I think I'll be ok...I'll have a job, but I am worried about getting moved around, since I am low in seniority at our building. I saw on your profile you are a librarian, how is your job? Here, unfortunately, they were one of the first ones cut. Our librarian was full time for like over 15 years at our building, and is now part time here and 3 elementary schools...just crazy.
    I agree, administration is completely messed up...they are making cuts without regard for impact on students...they have hardly lost anyone. It's just a bad situation all around.
    Haha...thanks for your prayer, I'll need it! I'd do anything to stay home, but DH is a private school teacher, so we need my job for insurance alone. Oh well, at least summer is coming quickly!

  • Job wise, so far so good. We won't have a final notice until the week of the 5th. Fingers crossed they don't eliminate my position, although with 14 year under my belt I have enough seniority to bump someone else. I'd hate to do it but all districts are 'pinking'. There will be no openings in Illinois. Plus my district won't pay out accumulated sick days so I'd be giving up almost a year of retirement in sick pay alone. Fingers crossed.

    In the mean time, I'm enjoying my spring break, catching up on some reading, and watching my 2 beasts nap the day away on the sofa:). Looks good!! I might just join them:D.

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