• It reduces stomach acid.

  • Very good news about Oakley. I'm so pleased he's well enough to come home.

  • Prilosec is sold over the counter-also sold as a generic and it reduces stomach acid. My boy Bowie is on this and he gets 1/4 tablet once a day. He takes it for his esophagus and spitting up problem.


  • I hope to hear Oakley got to come home tonight and that he is doing better.

    And I second what Agile said about the relaxation protocol. It sounds somewhat clinical but really it is a nice way to teach your dog a default "relax" and that he doesn't need to worry about all the stuff going on around him.

  • Oakley is home! His liver values have improved enough and he is doing well. He is still under the weather and not quite himself. He was quite anxious while in the hospital and he hasn't loosened up yet, he is being very "stiff" with touch, which isn't like him. He came home to a new, smaller crate and toys since we will be going back to basics with crate training. It's great to have him home as he has been labeled " naughty" at the vet hospitals… I don't think they found his basenji antics as funny as I do at home.
    Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I bought a DAP an am looking into the thundershirt as well as doing some crate games and reading up on behavior modifications

  • Glad to hear he is home! I would go easy on the changes, as he has been stressed enough without having to adjust to a lot of difference at home as well…...

  • Glad to hear he is home….. I have used pepcid for years on all my elder basenjis.... especially the ones with any kidney issues. Our Tego was just diagnosed with ulcers (he will be 15 in December) and is on pepcid. A little cheaper then Prilosec. And as noted it is sold over the counter, so depending on what your Vet is charging, you can get it most likely cheaper.

  • There is also a generic version of Prilosec.

  • @Nemo:

    There is also a generic version of Prilosec.

    Omeprazole. It has other brand names as well. e.g. GastroGuard paste for horses.

  • Sorry to hear that Oakley went though this, but I have to say thanks for posting about this. I use Xylitol for my own baking/sweetening while I'm dieting… looks like I'll only keep the Stevia in the house... in the highest cupboad!

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