Kennel cough from the vet?

So i just picked up Lenny from the vet yesterday after his neuter. I noticed he let out a little cough when the vet tech gave him a treat. I got him home, he laid around for most of the night, probably hungover from the meds… well, throughout the night he has progressively started doing coughing... 3 or 4 times and it usually ends in a gagging type sound like he is throwing up but nothing comes out.

It's exactly like when both Tayda and Lenny got kennel cough a couple years ago... just seems a little weird, as he was just at the vet yesterday. Isn't the incubation time as least a few days? and we really haven't been in contact w/ any other dogs for at least 3 weeks.

I just want to make sure its not some weird side effect from the anesthesia... any ideas?

It is most likely just a reaction to his trach tube (assuming he had one). It makes the throat scratchy and sore in everyone…and I think there would be a dry sounding cough associated with the feeling. Could be that he was just a little nauseous from the anesthesia as well...some are more sensitive to the recovery than others!

I wouldn't worry too much. I agree that it would be really unlikely for kennel cough to show up that quickly after exposure.

It would be 5 to 7 days for kennel cough to show up. It is very common for them to have a cough for a couple of days (even up to a week) from the trach tube.

Yep! I called the vet and thats what she said also. You guys know everything!


Yep! I called the vet and thats what she said also. You guys know everything!

No, we have just been there, done that!!! 😃

Glad its nothing worse!

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