• I work at a doggy daycare/boarding place. I brought Congo in a week and a half ago, and he's now getting very sick. There is some sort of "virus" going around at work, however it's not kennel cough. They supposeably did the test and it came back negative. We run a very clean facility and this has really taken us all by surprise. Whatever it is, it's very contagious. Anyway, the next available apt is on Tuesday night so I'm going to take him to the vet then. I feel so horrible. I hate seeing him in pain. Has anyone ever experienced any upper respiritory infections/kennel cough before? He started sneezing/coughing the other night, now he's gagging and hacking. Anytime there's pressure on his throat, he has a massive coughing fit. He just seems not like himself. Ugh!! Any advice before I can get him to the vet?? Anything to make him more comfortable? I put a humidifief in my room so hopefully that will help. 😞

  • Sounds exactly like kennel cough to me

    And if I had a Vet that would not see a dog that is clearly having a problem until Tuesday nite, you can bet I would find a new vet

  • Unless there are some new tests, I am fairly certain that kennel cough cannot always be "tested" as there are different varieties, including bacterial and viral. Most dx KC based on symptoms. Unless he is running a fever and gets worse, it usually runs it's course. Had Congo gotten a KC vaccination? While it doesn't always prevent it, it often helps make it a milder version.

    Best advice– no excitement/exercise, avoid collars as they make them cough more and check about what expectorant you can use on dogs. These sold for dogs seem to have about the same stuff ours do... http://www.allvetsupply.com/excosy.html but go with child dosage.

  • Any updates? I hope your vet took a chest x-ray.


  • went to the vet today. he said i caught it early. he didnt hear anything in his lungs, but his glands were enlarged. he gave him a cough supressant and antibiotics. after putting a humidifier in my room, its really helped his nighttime coughing fits. so he has another apt in a couple weeks. just going to give him lots of rest and his meds. he will be good as new. doc said he's in great shape for his age. could use a teeth cleaning tho! haha

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