Sick basenji puppy - awful cough since we got her

  • Hi, we have had our precious puppy for 3 mos. She is just 6 mos. Since we got her she has been sick - giardia, influenza, then UTI. 2 different vets were trying to tell us she also had kennel cough. We had her on 2 antibiotics, probiotic, cough medicine - than another round of anitbiotics then she got a UTI and after the kennel cough vaccine, she was sick again. We have tried to work with the breeder, but they have not been of help. We have spent so much money on her trying to get her well…. now we are scheduled for chest xrays and blood work.... we think there is something wrong in her throat, not her chest. Her heart and lungs have been sounding good right along. Has anyone had any type of experience where there is some issue with their B's throat. We love our vet, but we keep nicely saying that there is something wrong with her throat. SHe insists on the chest xrays and blood work - then if nothing to a specialist for a tracheal wash....I don't want to keep putting our baby through all of this, plus honestly don't want to incur any expense that may not be needed.

    Any experience or knowledge anyone can share would be most hepful.

  • I'm sorry your breeder hasn't been any help.. I'm so lucky mine was with me every step of the way when my boys were ill. 😞

    We just had a puppy at work who's "kennel cough" progressed into pneumonia. I think the chest xray is a good idea to rule that out and they should be able to get a shot of her neck too. A long term cough can cause irritation to her throat just like it can in people so it is possible her throat is bothering her.
    Good luck and I hope your baby improves. It's so frustrating when you can't figure out what's wrong 😞

  • I'm not sure where you are in MA but if you feel like a 2nd opinion is needed and would make you more comfortable. I had wonderful luck at Tufts Animal Hospital when I needed help.

  • Thank you…X-rays were clear. Now on minocycline since last Thursday and seems to be helping a little so far. Thank you for the feedback....we thought about going to angel memorial or tufts if she does not get better after this round.

  • I am from MA, and I have had great experience with Bay State Animal Hospital (sister hospital to Ocean State Vet Hospital-less expensive and better attention), and I have been to Tufts (for behavioral, but still- drs on staff are good)

  • I hope your pup is better soon. I do know that it can take a long time to treat pneumonia, and a 'tracheal wash' with cultures can point you to the correct antibiotic if puppy doesn't improve. Years ago our young dog had pneumonia and we went through 3 antibiotics with poor success, the cultures showed an unusual organism and we switched antibiotics and he was on them for another 3 months but recovered and lived to be 15. If you are not comfortable with your vet, go to a specialty group for a second opinion. We often go straight to our local specialists, saves time and money in the long run.

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