My New Female Basenji Puppy Snores Does yours?

  • Our newest addition to our pack is a cute 4 month old Tri Basenji. We noticed that not only does she enjoy sleeping with her legs straight up in the air while she is on her back, but she also Snores loud enough we can hear it over a lower volume TV.

    She appears to be laying on her side with her head turned into her chest and her feet stuck straight out in her crate when she snores.

    We understand that no two dogs are exactly alike. Our 4 year old male has never snored. We also understand she is very young and still developing so we wonder if others have had the same experience with their basenjis when they were young?

  • Yeah, our boy pup Loki can really cut some logs as well when sleeping.

  • My three and a half year old female snores sometimes, usually when she has her nose buried under something. My basenji/sheltie mix snores most of the time if she is sleeping with her body curled, Once she stretches out, it stops. They've always done this, so I expect it's not unusual.

  • Watson also snores if he lies in certain positions…he has done this since he was a 4 month old baby as well.

  • OMG yes! We will be watching TV when she starts and her volume slowly escalates. We mute the TV and look at her and realize how lucky we are to have such a great B!

  • First Basenji's

    Dolce snores alll the time hahah shes soo like me its just the best!!

  • Yep my two snore all the time! (24mths & 12mth old)

  • My husband and my Basenji both snore. Stereo! 🙂

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