• Our baby is now 6 mos old, but since we got her at 13 wks she has been sick…giardia, influenza, uti, and supposed kennel cough....she has been on antibiotics, probiotics, cough meds, Benadryl...nothing will stop the cough. The hard thing is that it is worse after she goes to bed and has slept for 3-4 hours..then she hacks/chokes off and on for 4-5 hrs. Once she is awake it settles after about an hour. She goes outside, to training, walks...very little cough if any. All along each vet she see's say her heart and lungs sound clear. Does anyone gave any similar experience. We now have to do X-rays and blood work. I strongly feel this is in her throat......any insight is appreciated...stressed out and devastated first time basenji mom.

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