• My puppy, Glory, has had soft stools since she moved in. Her stools are not real runny more like soft serve. I've had three tests and nothing significant has turned up. She is very active, sweet, smart, eats well, sleeps well, but still has soft stools. Should I be worried?😕

  • What are you feeding her? And how long has she been there?

  • She has been with me for 6 weeks. She just turned 3 months old. I have been feeding her Fromm's Puppy Chow which the rescue team gave me. This is what they had been feeding her for the 2-3 weeks she had been with them.

  • Do you know if she had loose stools with the rescue group? Could just be the way she reacts to that food.

  • Yes she did have loose stools at the rescue group. She was also very underweight. My vet also thinks the food could be a major part of the problem. We've been trying to switch her to another food which my vet uses but Glory doesn't like it too well so she's not eating as much. Then I get concerned about her weight - although two weeks ago she weighed 15.2 lbs which is over an 8 pound weight gain since she came to us on Nov. 17th. Glory did O.K. with the food switch until we reached the 50% point of change then she wasn't so eager to try the new food. I must admit I'm used to Corgis who really never look underweight so having a puppy who is naturally lean is new. My vet suggested really enforcing the 15-20 minute eating limit and Glory will begin eating the new food and hopefully will improve her stools.


  • Yes, I agree with your Vet (and I do the same)… 15-20 minute rule.... You might try a meat based only food (Evo for example)

  • One of my kids, Ziggy, had loose stools and diarrhea for about six months after I brought him home. And I tried everything. Finally figured out that

    • he should not eat chicken in any form
    • he does much better on a raw food diet (the stool is very firm, as almost all of the food is being absorbed)

    One vet decried the raw diet, but you can't argue with success. It works great, and he has been diarrhea-free for many months now.


  • We had diarrhea problems with Lola as a puppy…. problems as in puddles of poop, huge messes, etc. After a couple of weeks of off & on & cooking chicken & rice a couple times a week, we researched foods on the forum & picked a new one. We've never had a problem since. You may want to research the food you are currently feeding & consider a change.

  • And watch the ingredients don't have corn… especially not in the top half of the list! Corn is a filler and not comfortable on the dogs tummy.:(

  • Glory has been with me almost two months - she is a little over 3 months old. I have switched her from a puppy food that was high in beef which she was eating when she came to us to a food that has chicken and vegetables. The soft stool doesn't bother her - there is never a sense of urgency to go - she only has a soft stool about twice maybe three times a day. She has gained almost 9 pounds since she came to us - she was very underweight and very young. Right now she weighs just under 16 pounds. We're doing stool testing every 2 weeks and except for the very first test, they are coming back O.K. I'm concerned that she may not be processing the nutrition from her food or that she will have chemical imbalances because of the loose stools. Am I worrying for nothing?

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