• So because Basil is a mix, I'm not quite sure what his weight will be or how big he will get. He's a basenji/schipperke cross. I believe the schipperkes get around 13 lbs, while the basenjis can get up to around 24 lbs right? So I think I heard that they get to be about their full size at around 6 months? Is this true? Do they still gain weight?

    Also, we saw a vet when he had a bladder infection a few weeks back on a long weekend and our regular vet wasn't open. She said he looked thin and that he should be on a puppy food… meanwhile our regular vet was trying to talk me out of Orijen because she said he's going to get fat on it. I thought that maybe I'll keep him on the Orijen but I'm supplementing a third meal after work of a dehydrated mix, (only 1/4 cup). Then by spring if he's bulked up I might switch to Taste of the Wild as it has substantially lower calories. He's currently eating the fish formula of Orijen for all life stages.

    As for his weight... he's 11.5lbs but again I don't really know if he's on track or not because he's a mix. But you can see his ribs in some light and you can feel them pretty well... he does look lean to me... but then again the basenji is a pretty lean breed right? So what should he look like? Should you be able to see his ribs? Any opinions?

    Could it be because he's so active right now? We usually go for 1.5 hour walk or about a 45 min jog/rollerblade daily plus he spends most of his daytime outside in the backyard... exploring and playing.

    Anyone think I should do more to bulk him up? What can I do?

  • How tall is he? I don't think being able to feel his ribs is a problem, but his backbone and hips should be well covered. Honestly, you see more dogs that are overweight than underweight, and they do get gangly when they are growing. You could increase the quantity he eats a bit if you think he is thin. I personally don't like puppy food formulations. Too much protein can cause more problems than too little, IMHO. We see this a lot in horses.

  • I don't think puppies should be fat. As older dogs, you should be able to feel his ribs by a light touch. You need to find a brand that suits your dog, because just as us, we react on different things. Some people can eat pure sugar and not gaining a single pound, but other gain alot by just a glance. 😉

  • I'm not sure how tall he is… I think 13"? I should measure him as I haven't since before our trip. Thanks for your replies, I won't switch to a puppy but I'll add the 3rd raw meal which works out well because I've added his probiotic powder to that. Hopefully he'll get nice and thick in time for the snow fall 🙂

  • Do you have pictures????

  • @dmey:

    Do you have pictures????

    This is him about 3 weeks ago but he's only gained .5lb

    It seems I can't upload a picture right now, will try again later today.

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