• Looking for a basenji experienced vet in Pittsburgh. My first I tried was terrible (dismissing the anesthesia issue with sighthounds, wanting to give the rabies vaccine earlier than I preferred, and dismissing the grain-free diet). Any input is appreciated!

  • If you cannot find a vet who is basenji experienced, the next best thing to do is find one who is willing to become an expert on the breed. My vet had never treated basenjis before, but was open to suggestions, went online and read all he could find, took seriously my concerns when Shaye needed to be spayed that they do not take anesthesia the same as others because of the lack of body fat - and now, he seems to know what he needs to know to treat her. Vets who do not believe we know anything should be avoided at all costs!

  • I live in the east suburbs of Pittsburgh. I take my B to Norwin Veterinary Associates. Ask for Dr. Harvey Bendix, if he is available. He diagnosed Senji with his liver disease and basically saved his life. He's open to alternative as well as traditional medicine.

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