• I swear, I just took a volley ball court (net and all) out of my B's ears. They were DISGUSTING. Now just to let you know I clean them whenever, but I look inside weekly to make sure they aren't too bad. The park we go to has been wet and nasty and aparently Indy is a sand magnet.

    It was a long arduous process for everyone. Anyone have cleaning tips? I use alcohol and qtips. 1 swab with alcohol per ear plus 6 others to wipe the nasty stuff out. Then a small packet of cream cheese to make him stop glaring at me and DH.

    Yes it takes 2 people to do it.

    Te he he

  • Oh I wish I could help you.
    When Charlie was an only dog (and a pup) he had VERY bad ears. Mostly this was due, I think to his food allergies. So I had to use cotton balls and an ear rinse from the vet. His ears have become much better as he has aged.

    Now that I have more than one pup around I don't really have to worry. They just keep each other's ears SPOTLESS. 😃

  • I'm with Daniel, Zahra keeps Chase's ears clean and vice versa but when I do clean them it is after they have had a bath and are cuddled up in a towel being dried off. I use an ear cleaning solution from the vet or the store and a cotton ball.

  • There's your answer…another dog!

    Anne in Tampa

  • I have never had a problem with ears other then when they are puppies… and before the "teething" starts.... so I have never had to clean ears.... puppies will get icky ears.... especially during teething... that needs to be watched...

  • @MacPack:

    There's your answer…another dog!

    Anne in Tampa

    LOL! There you go, another reason for another dog! Or I can loan you Zahra for weekly ear cleanings!

  • Lol maybe we will take you up on that

  • Hmmm…I have never cleaned Mick's ears. They don't look dirty inside. Is this normal?

  • My beasties try to clean my ears - eeeeww :eek:

  • @wizard:

    My beasties try to clean my ears - eeeeww :eek:

    Hehehe! Mine too!

  • @wizard:

    My beasties try to clean my ears - eeeeww :eek:

    You know that's funny. I was thinking I should really have added that MY ears have never been cleaner. Zaire really is a ninja. There I will be watching TV minding my own business, and up sneaks Zaire to the back of the couch and ATTACKS. She usually just lays down on the top of the couch and throws both paws over my head to hold me there. It's so funny I just let her do it.

  • I agree with two dogs… definitely never a dirty ear here.

  • Hrm…maybe I can sneak another doggie into the house...te hee he DH wont notice right?

  • Kiya cleans Chance's ears for us…thank god. 🙂

  • @Vanessa:

    Kiya cleans Chance's ears for us…thank god. 🙂

    Yes, but who is going to clean Kiya's ears….ggg

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