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My kids range in age from 9 months to 7 years. But 2 won't be able to attend because they are grandma's house in "heat" poor babies! My first visit I think I would start with one of the young ones, Maximus. He is my beautiful b/w boy that is already a lap dog! Unlike the others it took them years to settle into just hanging out on our laps..

Any idea on time, that will be the challenge for us since we have a dog show that day. But I haven't looked at the times yet.

I actually heard about the forum through some other basenji friends. It still amazes me when I randomly see a b walking on the street with their people 🙂

Wow! So you must have quite a few Bs. Our group consists mostly of R&W Bs. Our only B&W member, Lucy, and her owner Sarah will be excited to meet Maximus.

We havent decided what time we're meeting on the 26th. We're trying to find a time that works best for most people. Is morning, afternoon or evening better for you?

Where's the dog show and what time are the Bs showing? we might want to go spectate. There's also an AKC lure course competition going on that day. I was thinking of taking Manny and Kahlee to see their Basenji and Ibizan friends. They're not so much into lure coursing though. 😕

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Do we know the next date for the Oct gathering? I have not attended before and would like to. Please post when a date and location is determined.


Hi Sharla,

Welcome to the forum and the San Diego basenji community. We look forward to meeting you and your "kids." I hope you can join us at our Oct meeting (tentatively scheduled for the 26th at Balboa Park - time TBD).

How did you hear about this forum? I'm always astounded to learn there's more basenjis in san diego than we thought. We thought we were a rarity, which we still kind of are. Its so cool to be at a dog park with our pack and be the majority instead of the minority. People seem to marvel at our beautiful breed. There's something really cool about a basenji pack.

How old are you B's?

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I'm so excited that our San Diego basenji community has been growing with every meeting that we have. Every time we encounter a new basenji owner, we've tried to figure out the best way to get them plugged in and informed about the next meeting. I thought it was time for us to have our own site so we can communicate more easily, instead of using for example.

On our new yahoo group we can create photo albums (which will help put names to all the beautiful faces), send messages, upload files, schedule events on the calendar, etc. The easiest way to find it is to go to Yahoo Groups and search "San Diego Basenjis." You can also click on the link below.

You will need to create a yahoo login to become a member. Best wishes!


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We're meeting once again. This time at Maddox Park in Mira Mesa (off Flanders Dr. between Camino Santa Fe and Camino Ruiz.

Sun, Aug 24 at 4:30pm.

Bring light snacks or beverages.

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If anyone is looking to buy a book on Basenji's cheap you should try searching Under books!! ITS the BEST Prices you'll find!!!! is a great site. I buy and sell there all the time. I just found the book for $2.32.

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I do, once or twice…okay maybe three times a day. only for a few minutes though. Its a good break.

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Our next meeting will be Sun, July 20 at 4:30pm at Torrey Highlands Park (

Bring a dish to share!

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thanks for sharing that story. it's amazing that a dog can live 18 years.

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i love the last photo!

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