• Does anyone else experience constant dirty ears? I cleaned out my little girls ears a week and a half ago with a couple of cue tips. She has quite a few crevices that hide dirt really well. Well I noticed they were dirty again this morning, so I cleaned them again. Her ears don't show any irritation and they don't smell bad, so I'm thinking it's not mites. And we do frequent the dog park so she gets to rough house with other dogs quite a bit. Does anyone else share my experience? Dirt? or Mites?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!


  • Could be an yeast infection… and none of mine have had constant dirty ears that I can remember... but young pups do get yeast infections...

    With Basenjis ear cleaning is something typically not necessary

  • Our little girl came home at 10 weeks and had dirty ears. She then got some redness. On her vet visit they confirmed she had a yeast infection in her ears. Medicine cleared it up, and she's got super shiny ears now.:)

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