• I noticed Bindi trying to get at her ears today, she seems a bit frustrated with them and was pawing at them a lot, as if something was in them
    I know dogs ears get dirty just as ours do, so I looked in and so hardly anything, could it be ear mites? I know they are really small and hard to see with the naked eye

    she didn't mind my holding her ears or when I gently rubbed them on the inside to see if it would help her itching, maybe she just couldn't reach the spot? but it continued after that, she also didn't fuss or whine so I don't think it's an infection

    any ideas or is this something common?


  • The only time I had an issue with Lexi's ears, she had gotten some type of infection. Initially they were just redder than normal inside. Then it turned into something that produced liquid and she'd shake her head and junk would come flying out. Smelled really foul too. I can't remember what it was by name now, but we ended up getting a doctor prescribed ear solution and it cleared up in no time. Now we clean her ears with rubbing alcohol and make sure she doesn't get any water down in the canal. If it persists, you should probably see your vet.

  • Baby puppies can get ear infections… and dirty ichy ears.... if you look in her ears or gently wipe with a tissue, is there dirt that comes out?....

  • @tanza:

    Baby puppies can get ear infections… and dirty itchy ears.... if you look in her ears or gently wipe with a tissue, is there dirt that comes out?....

    no, like I said before, not very dirty at all, they don't smell, it doesn't hurt when I touch them or look in them, she's also stopped a bit, it may have been a one time thing, some bug or such XD aw well I figured I'd ask all the same hehe


  • If she is itching at her ears it may be the start of a bacterial or yeast infection. In its early stages she may not be very bothered by it or it may be deeper in her ear so it doesn't bother her that you touch her outer ear. If she is still itching you should have her checked out to make sure it is not yeast or bacteria.

  • I have an ear related question- I just noticed today that the skin around the outer edges of his ear, like the part that sticks up, not at all any part of the inner ear, the skin is sort of thick and flaky. It's almost like he needs to exfoliate them or something. I don't think there's anything wrong, it seems purely cosmetic, but I'm wondering if I could/should do something about it.

    I was sort of picking at it tonight and little bits were coming off, with a little fur, too. No bleeding or rawness. It's almost like the skin is damaged or at least a lot of dead skin.

  • The flaky ear thing happens to a lot of Bs. It seems to be related to cold winter temps. And it seems to be an inhertited thing, to some extent. I wouldn't call it frostbite….but it looks kinda like it.

    Most of my dogs have that happen during the winter, and I start picking it off around now. By summer their ears are totally back to normal. Some people put stuff on it, like A&D ointment, or oil of any sort...it seems to resolve itself on it's own though.

  • C3PO recently started scratching the back of his ears incessantly. It started when the weather started getting warmer. All I can tell is that it's a little dry in that area but that's all. He's scratched so much it will develop redness. I tried wiping his ears with a damp cloth and I've cleaned the inside as well as out.

    Not sure if I should use some of the A&D ointment or take him to the vet.

  • I was told it's referred to "winter ear" and no one seems to have an answer for it. Jazz gets it every year, and I hate it.
    She also loses much of the hair on her ears during that time, but it always comes back in the late Spring.

    People tell me it's not uncommon, but it seemed to me that every show we went to she was the only one with ugly ears. LOL Oh well, it's not a fault, so it didn't affect the judging.

  • WHEW 🙂 what a relief!!

  • I have found that Colloidial Silver spray seems to help, though. The crusty stuff seems to clear up faster, and although she still lost hair the skin was not dry at all.
    {An aside – this product is safe for humans; many homeopathic type folks use colloidial silver for a variety of purposes. Knowing that, my 15 yo daughter used this spray on her acne-ridden face and after just a few days her skin is clear and beautiful! I was ready to take her to a dermatologist, but don't need to now. She swears by it now. LOL}


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  • My B has also been scratching his ear. My husband wiped them with a wet cloth but he is still scratching. He has allergies so I'm thinking that's what's causing it since I'm a mess too with all this pollen and stuff. I might put some vaseline on his paws just so it dosen't get irritated form the nails. He's also taken his cortizon pills but I guess right now the allergy season is bad.

  • He could also have a yeast infection. Steroids suppress the immune system which can allow the over growth of yeast.

  • oh no..what are other symptoms of a yeast infection?

  • Itchy ears, redness, dirty looking ears. Mostly itching and redness.

  • I guess it must only be allergies. Besides the scratching, his ears are good. Might be dry though, I'll start rubbing some olive oil on his ears and see if that helps. Thanks for the info though, I will definetly keep an eye out for redness.

  • If he has only just started itching you may have caught it early. It would be better to have it checked out before starting to put things in his ears that could make the situation worse. Yeast loves damp dark environments.

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