• Whole Dog Journal did an article on raw green tripe a few months ago so I decided to order some and try it, and the article was right that dogs love it.

    Piper is absolutely crazy about it. If she gets one little smell of it even while it is fully frozen she gets all worked up. Normally she is almost completely silent but once I take some tripe out to let it thaw she becomes extremely vocal, whining, crying and making all kinds of other noises, all the while jumping and digging on the door trying to get to it. Then when I feed her she devours her food unlike any other time. It’s the craziest I have ever seen her. And the best part is it’s supposed to be extremely good for them, and I’ve also heard it works really well to give medicine or to get a reluctant dog to eat.

    So we are very happy with the tripe and I’ll continue to use it to supplement her kibble occasionally.
    Has anyone else here ever tried it?

  • Whatever you do don't heat it up in the microwave….... it smells to high heaven - at least the canned kind does....

  • Yeah that is what I have heard. I've only used frozen tripe never canned, so I only thaw it out enough to cut off what I want then feed it to her still cold. It definitely has a unique smell, but luckily while it's frozen it isn't very strong.

  • It definately has an aroma but the dogs love it.

  • Where did you find the frozen tripe? I have heard of it, especially good for dogs with digestive issues, but have never tried it myself!
    Anne in Tampa

  • There are a number of places on the web you can google… for frozen tripe...
    Here is just one

  • I got my tripe from "A Place For Paws", http://www.aplaceforpaws.com/rawgreenuntr.html, but they only ship to states within a 2 day shipping radius.

    I think http://www.greentripe.com/ will ship anywhere in the country although I'm not sure how much it would cost, and there is also a 20 pound minimum order which was more than I wanted for one dog, however if you have multiple dogs it may not be too much. There is also a lot of really good information about tripe on this site.

    I'm sure there are other places that sell frozen tripe as well, but most that I've found don't ship it or will only ship it to places really close due to the shipping cost of shipping frozen products.

    You could also get freeze-dried tripe or canned tripe which could be shipped anywhere, and while it is probably not as good as fresh frozen tripe it will still provide many of the benefits.

  • Thanks so much for the good info!

    Anne in Tampa

  • I bought a case of it. It comes in 2 pound frozen rolls with 15 rolls in a case. It is really economical when purchased by the case and works out to around $2.50ish per roll.

    Here is their website: http://www.blueridgebeef.com/welcome.html

    Another company who’s supplements I may buy for our dogs is Nupro. I got a sample of their supplement formula from the same pet store and I really like their ingredients.

    Here is their website: http://www.nuprosupplements.com/

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