Green and/or Fruit smoothies???

  • Hi all. My both Basenjis have on RAW DIET for over a year now and they are doing great. We actually swear by it cause of the amazing change we have noticed in our 12yr and 3yr old.

    My wife and I recently purchased the best blender ever…VITAMIX and has changed our smoothies...fruits smoothies...fruit & veg icecream....fruit & veg soups. Boy do we feel great.

    But thats not what my post is about 🙂 We were thinking if it has made that much difference to us then WHY NOT FRUIT AND/OR GREEN SMOOTHIES FOR OUR BASENJIS.


  • I can't help you with recipes but I think smoothies would make a nice, healthy treat, especially in the summer.

  • My sister only feeds her dogs their kibble. Period. She says that the dogs like and eat it, and her dogs have always had VERY long lives…most living past 15 years. It is her theory that dogs don't really crave the variety of foods that humans do and the kibble has all the nutrients that they need. Whether this is true or not for Basenjis is subject for debate but the fact that her dogs live so long does carry some merit. My wife gives our B way more table food than I would like and sometimes the dog has adverse affects from certain types of table food even though it is all natural. I personally don't feel that the dogs needs that much variety. So, I guess you could try it but I'm not sure if it would be very beneficial.

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