Fruit juice

I was wondering if any of you ever let your B's drink anything other than water. I have a co-worker that lets her dog drink apple juice as a treat occasionally. This is something that I have never thought about because of the sugar content. Any thoughts on this?

I've never given our girl anything but water. And melted ice cream… ha! 🙂

Stormie has snuck sips of my wine and beer - he's tried orange juice and hates it. He's a little sneak - I never catch him drinking it until he starts sneezing in my glass and he gives himself away! 🙂

Ozzie and Lacie will both try and sneak licks of our wine and beer as well, they seem to really like the stuff for some reason.

fender is such a little nose! he has tried everything, (not with permission!) he tipped over a glass of v8 splash and was lapping it up!

When we were in college we had some guys down the street from us who would let their dogs get drunk. I never saw it with my own eyes but I think I am glad I didnt. I guess I would think that givening to much juice would mess up their sugar levels. But I am not an expert here.

Only water here..but C3 has been caught gulping my ice tea right from my cup WITOUT tipping it over so as not to get caught SNEAKY 😃 😃

I give only water but Myran is always trying to get a sip of my coffee with milk.

Wine and Milk are a favorite here….gggg

I certainly hope they do not mix the wine and milk that would be an awful mixture the milk would go off in the wine blaaah…...;))))

Cranberry juice on food from time to time - My B's have never processed Apples of any sort well so I don't do Apple Juice. My folks used Craberry juice on dog and cat food for many years - no issues with UTI's even in the cats so it may have helped.

If you leave your coffee down on a table that Sahara can reach she will try to drink it. She loves the stuff, hubby and I both use Hazelnut cream and sugar, so I guess she likes it too. She will also sneak ice tea, but her favorite is bottled water. Lots of H2O here.

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