Hello from the Pride of the Bluegrass!

  • I've been in Basenji's going on 13 years, starting w/my foundation bitch, Intl. Ch Quad-K's Special-K, CGC, JC, LCM "Kaytee" a beautiful red and white girl, and well, then came her 5 pups (I kept two of them), Intl. Ch Bellehound's Foolish Heart, JC "Bart" and his little sister Natl. Ch Bellehound's Cigar Charlie, JC "Charlie" (named in honor of my father who loved to smoke cigars), and then I bred her and she whelped a "singleton" named Intl. Ch Bellehound's Christmas Angel, JC "Angel". I then was lucky enough to aquire Kaytee's half sister Quad-K's Nala of the Night "Nala" who only needs a major to finish her AKC championship (wonder if that will ever happend?).

    I love all my B's wouldn't part w/any of them for all the money in the world. My dogs also share the farm w/a duck, three farm cats and several other dogs, including another primative breed of dog the Thai Ridgeback… I even have a rescued Basenji/Thai Ridgeback from the streets of Thailand (she's beautiful, looks like a large Basenji) her name is Nala also.... Yea I know you have too many dogs when two of them share the same name; but I didn't name either of them and they knew their names when they came to me... so now I just have two Nala's, and that suits me fine.

    I also like to course my dogs and do some obedience, but mostly just enjoy their warm bodies curled up in bed next to me.... there's nothing like a warm Basenji snuggled up next to you on a cold night.... course sometimes, I call them sand bags, as they never want to move over and share the bed w/you.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm also the President of the Basenji Club of Cincinnati and their Rescue Coordinator too!

  • Hello & welcome to the forum:D

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome welcome 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum! We might be seeing you at coursing events or shows in the south. The forum user "Andrew" who is actually my friend Carrie and I both have 2 basenjis. I lure course my girl and Carrie's B boy loves chasing the bunny too. We may be at the BGCC trial in East Ridge, TN in a couple weeks. And we attend shows in Atlanta though we're total newbies at that and don't have the eye just yet. We don't show our B's but we sure like to admire all the other dogs. My girl Zip was also co-bred by Carole Kirk of KY….don't know if you've crossed paths both being in the basenji community.

  • Welcome to the pack!

  • Welcome Belle and your extended family! 5 B's….OMG!! How do you manage? you MUST have some great stories to share with 5 in one house:)

    Again welcome, and please share some pictures of your kids!!

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