• 🙂

    Hi I new to the forum, just came on board, had an invitation from my
    dear friend Sharon Hurlbut . . . Thanks Sharron.

    By way of introduction I live in Northern Idaho, Boundry County. Just
    acquired a new forever African B, she is 2 years 10 months of age, had
    one litter of five pups, lost one, was a good B Mom, and now a great
    companion for me.

    I've had three other B's, rehomed one, lost two. This is the only breed
    I would walk to the ends of the earth for, they are special beyond words.

    I look forward to getting acquainted with all of you and enjoying the site
    for the helpful info . . . good friendships . . . and just plain old B talk!

    A big baroooo to all of you . . . :p

  • Yea, glad you made it Madeline.
    Maybe some of these folks would want to know you dog did come from Africia!

  • Welcome! Please post some photos of your furbaby, we love photos here!

  • Please, Please, Please, the rest of the story!! (stories??)

    Welcome, and a big happy 'roooo back to you, too!!

  • Hi again ~ Here I thought I'd posted the photo . . . duh . . . what
    did I do wrong?

    I'll try it again . . .

    Anyway Sharron thought you all would like to know that my new
    as of Saturday, August 9th forever girl came from Africa when she
    was seven months old, she is dark red, black fringed ears that lay
    down, yes you read it right, they don't stand up like the "normal"
    basenji ears . . . don't let her hear that though, she thinks and I
    know she is the prettiest little thing this side of Africa. She has
    a short white strip that leads down to a white mark that looks just
    like a dog bone . . . for sure she knows she is special for no other
    B has one like this.

    She is 2years 10months old, has had one litter of five pups, lost
    one, she was spayed in May and has the sweetest personality and
    loves to play with me . . . we go on long walks every morning, three
    miles and her manners are excellent.

    Oh, also, she does bark . . . yes . . . she barks folks . . . great guard
    dog, each day I'm seeing just how protective of me she is.

    I must tell you I was told she would take the previous owners to make
    contact with by touch before she would accept me . . . guess what …
    you got it, they arrived opened then van door, opened her crate, leashed
    her, she jumped out of the van came right up to greet me with kisses . .
    do you think she knew I was her new MOM . . . it was love at first sight.

    What's not to love when it is first bestowed to you by a Basenji . . .
    as mentioned in my profile . . . I would walk to the ends of the earth
    for these dogs . . .

    Well, enough of my bragging rights regarding my new forever companion.

    Would love to hear from you all ..... until then . . .

    Signing off with one big barooooooooooo!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum!
    Would love to see a picture of your girl!

  • Thanks for the welcome . . . I posted a photo, she is on the bed . .
    You have one B? How old? Would enjoy hearing back from you again.

    Nsana's Mom

  • Welcome to the forum!
    Is this your girl?


  • Yes, this is where my girl orginated from . . . she is the Jengi stock.

  • @Nsanas_Mom:

    Thanks for the welcome . . . I posted a photo, she is on the bed . .
    You have one B? How old? Would enjoy hearing back from you again.

    Nsana's Mom

    Yes, 'only' one B.. for now 😉 He's 7, almost 8 months. You can find pictures under 'show off your dog'.

    Nsana looks like she's a sweet girl 🙂

  • Welcome Welcome! So glad you're here. I can't wait to hear more about your girl and all the adventures you both will have together. Your girl is so beautiful.
    Again, welcome to our family.

  • Madeline, I told you this was a great group!
    Thanks you all for proving me right.

  • Welcome! I would love to see the picture you posted, but I cannot find it…did you post it in this thread? Maybe I am doing something wrong...
    Welcome anyway, your dog sure seems special!

  • Welcome to the pack – I too didn't find your picture. Did you set up a section in the member's gallery?

    I used to live in Idaho (Moscow) - miss it greatly.

  • I am new too (from today) and welcome too, feeling already part of a pack. You will learn a lot of things and the photos are great, I can't stop looking!

  • Wow…small world! My brother-in-law and his family lived in Moscow, Idaho for a short while a few years back (probably somewhere 2000-2003, don't remember exactly). I had never been there, but my husband has, and it looks beautiful from pictures!

  • Thank you one and all for the warm welcome, it is nice to be among
    friends who share the same affections with the B's.

    I posted a photo it is next to my profile, I'm so new at this thread thing
    I still can't figure a lot of it out . . .

    Also welcome to the newbees also . . .

    Thanks Sharron, you were right, and so happy they are such a welcoming
    warm group. . . hugs!

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