Hello-my dog was just diagnosed with Renal failure due to Fanconi

  • Hello all,
    I was thru hell and back this week as Rafi was diagnosed with terminal renal failure-probably due to Fanconi. He is 9 years old and my second pure bred basenji. I never even knew about this problem until this week. We have him on the Fanconi regemin now and he has improved in his appetite and he smells better. Who knew?
    My mail vet was a complete let down but the emergency clinic has been great, along with two other vet who have helped with consulting.
    We are making him great food, giving him the antacid 2x a day, finishing up the amoxicillin, giving fish oils, 100ml of subcut. fluids daily and ordered the sodium bicarbonate tabs to start as well.
    Any other advice or input is welcome! Rafi's mom…;-(

  • I know how you're feeling; it's a little overwhelming at first. Hard to believe your breeder didn't tell you about Fanconi!
    I have PM'd you with the info on how to get on the Fanconi List; they are a wealth of information and tips on dealing with this.
    Give Rafi a big hug from us,


  • Sorry to hear that…it is never easy with a Fanconi dog. Had you been strip testing him before he got sick?... and has your Vets consulted with Dr. Gonto who developed the Protocol?... the main thing is to get him on the protocol ASAP...
    Have you notified his breeder of his condition?

  • Welcome to the forum - sorry it had to be with such a hardship. We're here to help in any way we can.

  • @Rafismom:

    Thanks to the amazing Cheryl-Hanks mom and Kevin and Dr. Gonto we are on our way to trying everything known on Fanconi. All your posts meant the world to me! Rafi is not going to have an easy road-we caught it very late.


    That is great, hopefully you have also advised his breeder… good luck and well wishes for a good treatment and good results.

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