• Giving a basenji a bath takes TWO people AND the basenji not just one the basenji and a prayer….

    He he...the bathroom is soaked but it was fun

  • In my case…it just takes one basenji. I love taking baths and Shelby steals mine!! If I run water she is in it right away...and won't get out! She will stay in until it's up to her chest. Then she paddles the water with one paw likes she's trying to stear a canoe.

    Yours must not feel the say way! 🙂

  • Kit is pretty good in the bath but every single time she gives me those "how could you do this to me" eyes.

  • Tucker does the same, he will cooperate, but he does NOT enjoy it. after being toweled off he makes a bee line for the couch, to rub his face all over. how dare we get his face wet! oh the horror!

  • @wendy:

    Kit is pretty good in the bath but every single time she gives me those "how could you do this to me" eyes.

    my basenji does the same and then goes to the couch, hurt and sad looking to finally fall into a deep sleep. I do prepare myself mentally before I give her a bath and have everything ready in advance including closed doors in case she tries to run away when she realizes what's going to happen. it's good fun for me though!

  • Yes- preparation is key! Also, I like to put a towel in the dryer when we start the bath and then as soon as Kitiara has finished her spazzy post bath run around the house, I will wrap her up in the warm towel and enjoy some quality couch time. She loves it.

  • I've given up in giving our fur kids baths…we usually use those wet wipes or just run em through the good old sprinkler 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • EL D will tolerate getting a bath - but it definitely takes some skill and the bathroom door must be closed during the experience of course. I pretty much have to strip down to bare essentials because once done you'd think there was a rainshower in the bathroom - water everywhere! I'll have to remeber the warm towels for next time though that sounds like a great idea.

  • That towel thing does sound good. And I am totally jealous of anyone whos pup will willingly take a bath

  • Ha! You inspired me, last night I took jack and gave him a bath. It is the first time we've done that in the new house, and we now have a handheld shower thingy, so I used that to spray him down, (Jack looking at me ever so plaintively "why are you doing this to me?") used the shampoo…..he seemed to like that part okay, then sprayed him down again and dried him off. He spent the next two hours trying to lick all of the water off of his legs.

  • Mine both behave very well in the bathtub, but they do look miserable the whole time. Jazzy just stands there; Keoki wanders a bit around the tub, hoping I can't reach him, I'm sure.
    I bathe them one at a time, and they both try to hide when they see me go into the bathroom with the "dog towels".
    They get tiny nibbles of chicken strips at different stages of the bath – in the tub/tiny nibble, sprayed with water/tiny nibble, all soaped up/tiny nibble, rinsed off/tiny nibble. Then I put a bigger piece on a towel on the floor and they jump out to get it.

    After their baths I rub them down with a towel and open the bathroom door and they take off on a Basenji 500.

    It's not a problem bathing them, except I have to spend so much time bending over the edge of the tub and that gets to my back!

  • I know it sounds a little silly but I found that the best way to give Beegin a bath is for me to take a shower with him. He really hates standing in the water in the tub and will fight and fight to get out. However he always sticks his nose in to investigate when I take a shower. So one day I thought well let's just try the shower. He will stand still and let me bathe him no problem. He still doesn't seem to love it but he tolerates the shower whereas the bath option made my bathroom look like a tsunami hit it.

  • I think there are a few people here who chose that option. You are not alone!

  • We save baths for a day when Jackpot has gone to daycare all day and he's super tired when he gets home. When he's that tired, he tends to cooperate very well 🙂 We've tried to bathe him when he's not tuckered out and its exhausting for us! 🙂 LOL

    I love the towel in the dryer idea…will have to try that next time!

  • My wife puts on a bathing suit and gets in the tub with the dog being bathed and I hold them from the outside of the tub. It is hte only way we can do it. Even then, we still get soaked.

  • Awh! I just gave Shango a bath last night.

    He does NOT like it at all, but he cooperates. It's just like he looks at me and says "Hurry, please!"

  • Bathing a basenji is like bathing a cat…
    I use baby wipes myself.
    Makes us all happy

  • Congo gets a bath about once every 3-5 months unless he gets very dirty. Most of the time I use doggy wipes and they condition his coat so its shiny too. This summer he had hives so I had to give him oatmeal baths more often.

  • Ewww! Oatmeal and Dog Hair in the bathtub! LOL:D

  • No the mess was bad but we did it in our guest bathroom. Thats the only thing that works for him besides giving him benadryl which sedates him so I only give that to him at night.

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