• Hey I had a question for everyoine,
    My little Zaire is currently blowing coat. I have noticed that as she has started this she has become ALOT more aggresive towards Charlie. She will be sitting minding her own buisness and he will walk by her and she picks a fight. I haven't been sure if this is just her getting older and trying to vie for her pack position, or if it is related to loosing hair. Has anyone else experienced behavior changes with their Bs durring coat blowing?

  • How old is she? Is she spayed? I have never notice behavior changes just from blowing coat… coming in season, yes for sure... and breeding season is so in-grained in Basenjis that many time even a spayed bitch will exhibit behavior changes during breeding season... certainly it is true for the males (neutered males), my boys even after being fixed certainly knew when breeding season was, even with no in-tact bitches in the house.

  • I agree with Pat, behavioral changes because it is that time of year could be an explanation. The only other examples I know of where coat changes and behavioral changes are linked is if the dog may be hypothyroid. Both coat changes and irritability are symptoms of hypothyroidism.

  • Hmm…well she is fixed 8 months old now, I guess she may be reacting to the season. I am doubting hyperthyroid at this time as their has been no change in water or food intake, and she is still gaining weight, as well her coat is not dulling, just her first coat blow. I am wondering if it may be that she is just finaly trying to take the full alpha position from Charlie, She is finaly taller than he is now, and he was a little mean at times when she was very young. I will keep an eye on her water and food intake, as well as her weight. If she starts intaking more, and looses any weight I will take her in.

    One other thing...it appears to be only aggression towards Charlie (Fixed male Parson Russell), not to people or the other dog (A fixed male min-pin)

  • Water and/or food intact would not typically be noticed by Thyroid…. Weight is a key, both over and under weight.

    And it very well could be just her wanting to change the pack order....

  • Yea I was thinking that might be the case…I should mention that the min-pin is a new addition as we are moving into a house. He is owned by a very good friend of mine who is moving with us and staying at the townhome for the next 2 weeks untill we close on the house. They have all played together at both his old place and the townhouse....It may be that she wants the boys to know who is in control. 🙂

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