• Today I was in shock - my Kembe’s “claim to fame”after almost 14 years is that she has NEVER peed or pooped in my house until this morning. I am beside myself in disbelief. I have a doggie dog which she has always used - prior to the doggie door she would let me know when she had to go out - she would even wake me @ 2am if necessary. We have a summer home that doesn’t have a doggie door - I am vigilant about taking her out and she has NEVER had an accident there. This morning - right in front of me , she squatted and peed in the living room - I was stunned and horrified. Granted we had a snow storm last night but my husband went out about 3 am and shoveled her path and she had access to her door. Later in the day she did go out the doggie door to do her business and I praised her immensely. My Kembe who will be 14 years old on Jan 4th - I have noticed in the last month as the temperature here in New England has become very cold that she does not want to do her morning walk but wants to go later in the day when it warms up a bit. The cold and snow never bothered her before but now this may be an issue. Other than this - she is alert and active. I don’t know what to make of this incident today - please help - I welcome any comments and suggestions.

  • Check for a UTI. Otherwise, she may have reached an age where she doesn't feel she wants to be uncomfortable, and she knows it is cold outside. For the next while I think I would take her out in the mornings rather than allow her to take the initiative via the doggie door.

    Different situation, but perhaps a relatable example, my Border Collie was absolutely obedient his whole life, until the age of 14, when he decided that remaining in the field with me on a down stay when the day was hot wasn't to his liking, and he opted to return to the shade by the house. I think that as they age dogs sometimes decide that their comfort is more important than obedience. Or it could just be the onset of senility.

  • Could this simply be a "stomach virus"? Has she had any changes to her diet (new treats or anything like that)? It's just a guess, but I don't think that your beloved did this out of vengence. I suspect she either ate something that didn't agree with her, or she just doesn't feel well. Give it some thought. I don't think that, at 14 years old, this is a new behavior.

  • Health check - UTI first thing... and at her advanced age, accidents happen...

  • @kembe For sure it could be a medical reason but also at 14 an accident might happen. Frankly at 14 I wouldn’t worry too much about accidents unless it’s a medical problem. I live in New England as well and the dogs hate the cold more as they get older, they usually get arthritis as well.

  • Over the past 2 days we a major snow storm and received over 18 inches of snow where I live. So I carried her out @ about 3am last night to make sure she peed and also carried her out first thing in morning when she woke up to make sure there were no accidents. I encouraged her several times during the day to make sure she went out to do her business. So far, so good - I don’t know if the incident was a “freak accident” or if I need to keep an eye on her and remind her to go out due to her advanced age. I don’t consider to be old - I know her face is white, she has a few fatty lymphomas, and sleeps more than she use to - but she’s still acts like a puppy. I am also being observant for symptoms of a UTI- if necessary I will immediately take her to our vet. I want to thank you all of you for your comments, suggestions, and concerns. She is my baby and I only want the best for her.

  • Hopefully she’s back to her old self - last night @ about 1am she jumped off our bed and I heard her go out the doggie door. She returned a few minutes later and I helped her back up onto the bed. Today she went out on her own several times. We only took a short walk because she was not happy about the snow. But she was happy to “smell her smells”,make her marks, and get some fresh air & exercise. Hopefully we don’t have any more incidents.🙏😊🐾🐕

  • @kembe Sounds like she has less control if she has to go out at 1am to pee. They do have less control when they get older.

    I kind of look at it that they are a pain when they are a puppy. Then challenging at 2-4. The golden years are 5-12 and then you have to cut them some slack in their old age.

    My first B was fastidiously clean like all B’s seem to be. But he had diabetes and when first diagnosed he had a few accidents, was not intentional though.

  • @kembe - After many years of having elders, get used to it... as it most likely will continue.... happens when they get old. My OJ at 16 would make it as far as the doggy door and go on the floor.... I think he thought he was "close enough"

  • @tanza
    I laughed @ “the close enough”! I know my dog is getting old - her face is white and her eyes are getting cloudy - but she will always be my baby. I have a hard time accepting the fact that she is getting older. I am going to have to remind and help her to go outside more often. I thank everyone on this forum for their kind words and comments.🙏🐕❤🐾 BASENJI STRONG 💪

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