• Hi All,

    You may remember me talking about Base my Basenji who is SUPER Dominant and agressive… He is getting better with us - he still gets agitated and bites on the odd occasion through frustration - but over all he is a hundred times better than before. We are using the methods that we see on The Dog Whisperer and its really working for us... (we just have to be more persistant than out B is stuburn... which is VERY hard work)

    I would just like to read about your experiences with adding a new pup into the house with your B's... We got a 9week old Hungarian Viszla on Friday - But Base just seams to ignore him... and when he does have a sniff etc - it normally ends in a growl- a snap and the pup in a submissive position... I am thinking that this cannot go on forever and our Basenji is just working on the thinking that ... maybe if i ignore it it will go away... He is jealous - but we are ensuring that the dogs get their own time and affection and that we are setting the pack order up - Us, the Basenji then the pup...
    *We also introduced them on neutral teritory and went for a walk together before they were allowed in the house together...

    I'd like to hear your thoughts...


  • <_>

    This is normal. Just let him come around on his own time...if you interfere, it will probably make things worse._

  • I agree- There's always an adjustment period when you introduce new dogs to the same home. Ours took about a week before all the snarks went away. Now it's just wild playtime ALL the time!! 🙂 Good luck!! Sounds like you're on the right track!

  • Since it sounds like you have two males, one already dominate and agressive, please be very careful with another male in the home…. while the pup is still a pup you might not have problems, but as he grows you might. especially if the new male pup gets tired of being made to be the "under dog"....... and yes there is a period of adjustment... but things can get out of hand pretty quickly

  • Hi Thanks for your ideas -

    Things were pretty good this morning…we almost had a little bit of a play together!!! I guess only time will tell... and we will get there...


  • Sounds like you're working through things well enough. Keep walking them both together so that he keeps associating the pup with the pack & the pup can make the connection as well. Try to keep them REALLY TIRED so they don't have any excess energy to take out on each other.

    The other thing you may want to do is instill some positive associations with your B and the little pup. Every time you have them together & your B plays nice praise him & give him some REAAAAALLLY good treats. Only give him these special treats when he's around the pup & behaving nicely. You'll be putting into his head….nice pup & I get treats!!! He'll start to look for the pup to get some treats.

  • Kate i have a 2 year old Vizsla ans a ! year old Basenji when i 1st got my B she was very in charge. But now they can not be apart! My male V is very understanding V in a whole are very easy going laid back dogs . My in laws and husban is from hungary and say that V will take a back seat to almost any other dog so i feel that you will not have a problem later on. Just like w/ other V's give him 100 kisses a day and they will be happy


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