• On a previous thread I mentioned how Gossy wouldn't walk beyond our block (but would do fine at the parks) - something bothered her in the neighborhood I guess.
    Well the other day we headed in the opposite direction - I don't really like going this way because much much more traffic but there's an older bitch tricolor (pun intended) I thought we might run into - anyway Gossy just wanted to keep going and going and going (like the Energizer bunny)! I had to pick her up to head back - wow what a change.

  • I had one that just didn't like going in certain direction but would energetically go in another direction. Just a preference I guess.

  • maybe that was the problem all along, he just wanted to go to where the GIRLS are!

  • Uh not quite - Gossy is a girl too 🙂

  • Is Charmeddvd123 a spam post? It shows up on all the threads, always says the same thing, and includes all those links to other stuff which have nothing to do with the Basenji Forum. Is there a way to get rid of it?

  • Curious to know if Gossy ever has this happen occasionally.

    I notice Kananga does this every now and then. The last two days he has refused to walk in a certain direction. I can tell he's worried about something because his ears are pinned back and he's trying to get out of his collar. I have to pick him up and walk him to where we need to go. Just a few days ago he was fine, it seems like this happens every couple months or so. Sounds similar to what you were going through.

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