• I am having problems putting on the harness to take my basenji's for a walk. They use to just put the harness on, but now refuse to do so. I am dreadfully scared of them getting away and don't like to pull on thier neck, so harness I have chosen.

    Should I get those jacket type harness' or do they escape from them?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • TristA

  • I prefer the gentle leader. We had to have a trainer fit it on him, but it is wonderful and it is like a horse halter. They don't like it at first but you have so much more control.

  • Does the harness pinch or rub them?
    I use a harness and my 2 b's come running to get them on.
    What type do you have?

  • I am not sure what kind of harness I have and can't find a 'proper' name for it online. This link shows what it looks like although I didn't purchase it from this site: http://www.dog.com/item/adjustable-nylon-harness-black/ .

    I have double checked and it isn't pinching or pulling them in anyway. It is not really tight, but is a little snug so I don't loose control of them when I am walking them.

    One dog I have had for awhile and at first she liked it (I actually got it on loan from the rescue where I got her to use and had to end up buying it from them because she got out of all other leads that I had for her - think she just wanted that particular one). After being fine with it for around a month she no longer wants to put it on. I have to lure her into it and put it over her head…once it gets over her head she will sit and lift her leg nicely for you to put it all the way on.

    The new dog hasn't been here two weeks yet and acts like her about the harness - he too liked it when he came, but now no.

    Any help would be great - I really lilke the harness because I feel like I am not hurting them too much, can keep control on them, and feel secure that they won't get loose using the harness. I have seen the one's that go all the way around them with the harness clip at the top but not sure if it would be safe to use - they could probably escape? Not sure what to do from here..but they have to walk and will have to use a lead.

    The gentle leader I feel will not keep him or her secure. I live in an apartment but we are around a lake with tons of land and wild animals. They are always trying to track something and with the surroundings so inviting they will be gone if they get loose.

    • TristA

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