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@eeeefarm this look promising.. thanks. She's gonna hate them to start.
p.s. what size do you use...?

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I've got a 3yr female.. and she just HATES the snow. Getting her to do her business at the park has become
more of a challenge, due to her raising her paws with the pained expression on her face. Eventually, she manages to get going, but has anyone had any good luck with paw boots? I'm guessing she would just try to chew them off......but thought I'd ask.0_1515013795604_Sabupark4a.jpg yes, she's a tank (IMO)

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ehhh.. I wrote that when I was particularly ticked. I'm not going to get rid of her, But I am
going to be more of a Boss. She has bonded with Me more than the wife cause I feed, water, take to park.. walks etc. So I'm sure she figures I'm the one she needs to be the alpha with. That look though.... oh man.. it grates... I was tempted to give her a bath right then... just cause I know she hates them. Ah well... I'll work on her. We had two basenji's before (bro/sis) and they could get rid of energy by doing the wrestling thing.

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Ok.. Our female is going to be 2 in Dec. We've had her since 4 months. Good dog, normal basenji stubbornness etc. However, now with cold weather coming on here in NE. she is getting aggressive when I have to move her when on the couch... or the bed. I'll tap her on the butt and let her know its time to move... but that elicits a small growl... when I start to use some physical pushing... I get a louder growl... and THEN when its obvious the growls won't work.. I get the baring of teeth, and even the snap of the head like she actually would take a nip. THIS I won't tolerate. She gets plenty of warning and knows that she'll have to move, but that obviously isn't enough. If this is something I can change behaviorally, good...I'll take any advice. If this is a personality trait... this dog is going to a new home. I've had basenji's before, and not had this level of alpha behavior. She goes to the dog park every day for at least an hour...... and gets a walk in the evening, so she's not suffering from cabin fever. And she's totally healthy.
Another thing... after I get her off the couch and am saying bad dog.. or something similar, she literally has this FU look in her eyes .... and I'm not just saying that... so... there ya go.

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I'm afraid I'm creating a BIG problem for winter though…. she's way used to going to the "run" everyday and sprinting all over the place... Come winter here in NE.... that just ain't gonna be an option. Ah well....

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I knew I should have put in more info..
yes her sires were "big". She's 17in at the withers….. here's a couple of pics.

By fit I meant NOT fat... (she's starting digging in the yard lately too...... all over! sheesh)

I take her to the dog run.. (a fenced off area for small dogs here in town).. and she can corner like you wouldn't believe.

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I've got a very healthy 7 month old girl who is 24lbs. Totally fit. But I've been told that's too heavy for her joints at this age.
I don't want to hinder her later in life so…
the suggestion was to cut her food by half and then supplement with cooked green beans... brocolli... or other green low carb veggies.
sound reasonable?
(she's eating blue buffalo and Nature's Variety..puppy food now.



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I'm taking her in to get spayed tomorrow…... I definately have them test for this BEFORE they do any surgery... same for parasites.

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