Frequent little "sprinkles" on walks

On walks our 7 month old will do frequent stops with just a sprinkling of pee each time. We have seen her in the morning taking an extended pee in backyard. So we know its possible. Is this normal?

She's probably marking. Yes, girls do it too!

Yup - eeefarm is right - girls do it too. In fact, one of my girl actually lifts her leg to mark the boys pee, and my other girl's pee!

Is she spayed? You might want to have her checked to make sure it is not a UTI-urinary tract infection. I did have one that young who had a UTI and urinary crystals!


I agree with everyone on the marking too! My female does it also.

My girl marks everywhere the boys do. She will have a nice, long pee first, but saves some for leaving her 'calling cards' as we walk.

This I always my "rule of thumb" and only based on my experience but frequent long urinations= possible UTI and several quick squirts=marking….but every dog is different, even so my mind still automatically looks for those signals

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