Frequent little "sprinkles" on walks

  • On walks our 7 month old will do frequent stops with just a sprinkling of pee each time. We have seen her in the morning taking an extended pee in backyard. So we know its possible. Is this normal?

  • She's probably marking. Yes, girls do it too!

  • Yup - eeefarm is right - girls do it too. In fact, one of my girl actually lifts her leg to mark the boys pee, and my other girl's pee!

  • Is she spayed? You might want to have her checked to make sure it is not a UTI-urinary tract infection. I did have one that young who had a UTI and urinary crystals!


  • I agree with everyone on the marking too! My female does it also.

  • My girl marks everywhere the boys do. She will have a nice, long pee first, but saves some for leaving her 'calling cards' as we walk.

  • This I always my "rule of thumb" and only based on my experience but frequent long urinations= possible UTI and several quick squirts=marking….but every dog is different, even so my mind still automatically looks for those signals

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