• So, I have reclaimed my kitchen / dining room to be the rooms that they were originally meant to be. I bought a wine refridgerator yesterday for the wine that DH is bringing home from overseas so the dog kennels have been moved upstairs to the loft.

    The dogs have never been allowed up there unless invited and now that is where they will be crated during the day. My problem is that I am not sure if Zahra is just marking her territory (do girls even do this?) or if she just gets confused because this is the second time I have caught her leaving me a gift upstairs near a bedroom door. :mad:

    Any ideas? Anyone out there have ESP and think they can read her mind?

  • A lot of times dogs will poop or pee in new areas…hard to know if it is marking, or just confusion because it isn't something they understand as a "potty free" zone. Go back to housetraining 101....she can't be up there unsupervised for now. If you catch her say loudly "No" or "Ah,ah" She will catch on quickly that that is still part of the house...the place where we don't potty inside.

  • And yes, bitches do mark… almost more then the males...

  • keep in mind, where they go once will always be marked unless you get some good cleaning products or bleach on tile….I used nature's miracle from petsmart and my hand steam cleaner which worked wonders

    It sounds like too much territory. Can you put the kennel near a door to your outside? Train her to go potty as soon as she is out of that crate never giving her that opportunity to go inside. Or beat her to the punch and get her out before her time to go....

    oh it's so much fun isnt it? LOL.

  • Abby has peed in my car recently, I have been taking her to puppy class and both times she went in the car, I am so glad I put something down cus it's a brand new car. I was thinking she did it cus of nerves, before puppy classes the only times she was in the car was to go to the vet. I have been trying to take in the car more so she can see that it can be fun.

  • Is she riding loose in the car? It is really a better idea to have her in a crate in the car, then the accidents, if any are confined to the crate…. and you should just take her out for rides... even just around the block or for a short walk in a near by park... she will get the idea that cars for for more then just the Vet...

  • I remember Caesar as a puppy would poop in the Petsmart every time we went until he was old enough to be fixed. Never pooped in the house.

    I thought it was because he was a little guy. When Cairo was a super pup and would go to petsmart, I took puppy pads with me. We would walk around in the store together. When I saw him start stressing, or sniffing, or whining, I would throw the pad down even if I looked like a crazy B mom. It worked every time!!

    I wouldnt fret too much until you are at an age that is beyond Abby being fixed. Some of that stuff is pure puppy…..

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