Basenji teaches a toddler to walk

  • My first basenji (Sundance Liberty Bell - Bell for short - born in 1976) was such a good dog with kids. My sisters family lived with us for a few months while looking for a house. My niece was just old enough to learn how to walk. Bell was so patient with her - she would let Liz (my Niece) grab onto her pliable basenji skin and pull herself up. Then Bell would slowly walk along with Liz getting her to take her first steps. When Bell had had enough, she would just crawl under one of the soft chairs that had a skirt around it so she could disappear. She never bit any of the kids, but was always patient with them. Just make sure they have some private space to escape to when they have had enough.

  • I thought my guy was the only one who did this! I love how they are just the right size for a toddler learning how to walk.

    Rocky would walk slowly beside my daughter and when she fell down, he'd patiently wait until she got up again. When he'd had enough of it, he'd quirm away and go to his kennel or bed.

    And people say they aren't family dogs….

  • OMG!!! :eek: that is so incredible!!! I pray & pray that one of my dogs will be good with kids. We hope to have them one day & they are so incredibly spoiled with us now…

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