• I adopted my 7 year old Basenji in October of '08. She has never been violent or anything of that nature. She has always followed me around, and will lay right on top of me and sniff my face and lick my arms. She is really the sweetest thing. Well last night, we were laying on the couch, and I was petting her behind her ears like I ALWAYS do, and my boyfriend came and sat on the couch at my feet. Red started to growl, then she lunged and bit me right in the face. At first I thought she was protecting me when she was growling, but she turned and bit ME. She has only been around my boyfriend maybe 5 times, and she is with me every single day. WHY in the world would she do this? She's been to the vet a few times, and everything has checked out fine. Any answers or suggestions?

  • Redirected aggression. You usually see it when dogs are on leash or on the other side of a window and will lash out at the dog standing next to them when they are upset by something.

  • Makes sense. Thanks.

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