• Indi is 7m (as of yesterday) and he is furiously chewing on his bones. We bought him some of those twirly chew stick and he can demolish 4 3hours (if he can get 2 out of Turin and then 2 out of me when I dont know T has given him some) and then he will go and chew on his other bones. Its HOURS worth of incessant chewing.

    I don't mind, hes playing with his own toys not being destructive, but is it normal? We take him for LOTS of walks, play lots of running games (fetch, tag, run like a crazy basenji/person) but lately he will turn down the games to chew. He has all of his teeth so is he ok? Should we see the vet?

  • Our girl is the same way at 7mts too. If she has a bully stick she will chew it for hrs. Even bones. I swear she would chew it 24/7 if i didn't take it away from her. She gets tons of exercise too. I wouldn't worry. Its a puppy thing LOL

  • Better bones then your couch…

  • Remember they are still teething at 7 months…. the back molars are still coming in at that age.... chewing is normal...

  • Dallas is 7.5 months & has been chewing up a storm. I bought him a dental dino when he was only 2 months old…had it since then in tact. Well I'll be darned if he hasn't chewed that thing to shreds this past week!! Like Sharron said, better his toys than your sofa...or underwear/socks/carpet/lightbulbs/everything in the entire house :rolleyes:

  • I got worried giving kiro so many bones, so i would take lots of old shoe laces and tie them in her crate on the side.ONe big sting with tons of THICK knots and let her pull it off and that kept her busy. You just have to make sure they wont swallow it. (she didnt) and make the knots big and thick. she loved the challenge of getting them off the side of her crate.

    it helps if your worried about to many bones…..

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